I help Colleagues to grow in work, then they plan & won to fire me out. What to do? still help others or never

I was a senior manager in a company and I helped a lot of them to grow and trained them to be more skillful and better, I support 4 of them of them to get better salaries, but what I got after? they became bigger and bigger. They plan and won to fire me out from the company by using very silly lies, and bring false wittnsses. Thanks God that I approved to the manegment that all what they say is not true, but it was so hard to pass that dark times when you gain the betraying instead of the thanks, the knifes not the flowers. I was really so upset and I am now losing my trust with all people. I am living now in night mares all time and I couldn't continue in the same place even after they delete the termination decision. But its so hard to work from begining again after I built my name and relations all that time.

I need a help from people who really can be kind not like those dark heart people. any way thanks for any one who read my letter and send any suggestion.

Thanks again

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  • 1 decade ago
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    dun worry. baddies are all over these world. the reality world is full of hidden daggers. be alert/vigilant. confucius says "it's no to harm people but it's right to guard against others." u can't tell human's hearts. politics is in every company even in schools. i suffered like u too. dun be pessimistic. life's still beautiful. i'm sure at least someone out there is worth to be trusted.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think the problem may be that you have trouble with English grammar. I would suggest learning grammatical rules as that is critical in business.

  • 1 decade ago

    Live and Let Live! it is possible that u had mistake somewhere otherwise how it is possible they all were selfish. No u r on rong track. Don't trust on everyone.

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