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I broke up with my ex in June, it ended badly, neither of us spoke to eachother or even looked at eachother until now. I was out Friday night and outside a club I was talking to a guy and my ex passed in his car. I then got a text saying "you still lk so amazing", when i asked who it was(as Id deleted the number) it was him saying hes sorry for txt'n he stopped himself from doing it for so many months but he had to. Then he was saying he can't help how he feels so I never text back. But I must admit it got me thinking,so i txt him the next ngt saying there r so many unresolved issues bw us. He said he's now still in love with me. He told me he's such a different person now its unbelievable and that we should meet but I never answered. The reason we split up is because he treated me badly towards the end and I had to get away. Thats the last I've heard 4m him. It took me so long 2get over him and now hes got me thinking again. What is he playing at do you think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    He probably realized what a good thing he had. You can either give him a 2nd chance or not but only you know if he is worth it.

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    if you mean he used to hit you by saying he treated you badly, don't even consider it! guys do not stop doing that, they cry or talk so much sh@# saying that they have changed so much and it's just bs. i think he can't stand the thought of you being with somebody else or being out there and not being his girl and he can't stand that thought so he wants you back soooo bad. he will say or do anything to have you back, will act like he's changed for a while, but will go back to his same old ways.

    Source(s): me-i was in an abusive relationship for 4 years and like a dumba@# i would always give him chances to 'change'
  • 1 decade ago

    Treated you bad? How ?

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