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How do u keep from goin out of yr mind when u give some1 the space they ask 4 to do a lil solesearching?

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    You cut them off completely..If they are soul searching,what they mean is they can probably live without you.Why would you want back someone who felt this way?

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    take it easy pal

    get your mind off the person by doing a sport or just keep your mind occupied until such time the other gets back to you

    Invariably 99% of the time you will know if the person was meant for you and u meant for the other too

    space enables the freedom and independenc of choice

    when u really are interested in another person

    let them go let go and stop clinging on to the other

    do not be possessive

    its not nice

    its bad for a relation

    take care and do hope this helped you

    Source(s): personal experience
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