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please help? i want to know what footwear suits a man wearing a black trousers and a white shirt?

I don`t wanna wear leather shoes.I prefer sandals that are closed from all sides except from the back.

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    Those are called 'slides.'

    They might be appropriate if you find a very good quality black pair. Maybe designer ones. If there's a dress code, you might have problems.

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    The best colour of the shoe is black - with a light coloured socks.

    Black Casual Shoe - For any brand that matters (Nike is a good choice) For Brown coloured trousers.

    Even white will prove good sometimes.

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    Well if you are going for a cool causul look, white trainers, say nike ones, they alll ways look great (chavy shoes) THEY ARE ALSO KNOW AS or if you are going out on a meal wear nice dark swade shoes hey are great, or if you are going on a date.. wedding ect... black smart shoes i hope i helped


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    a half boot or sandal as you menioned half black & half white!or square white &square black!like those of the sixties!!i like them very much!!i saw one in a shop yesterday!

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  • White tennis shoes the more expensive the better....

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    you cant really wear sandles have alook at this website it may change your mind, any of this black shoes would look great

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