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What would you think if you saw a couple (man-43 years old) and a woman (22) out on a date?

what would you think if you saw them holding hands?? kissing?

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    I would look at the guy in envy and go, "lucky bastard!"

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    I don't think we should allow society to dictate age restrictions in relationships. There is a 21 year age gap between my boyfriend and I (I'm 27). I have never been happier in my life. Just like with any relationship, it needs to have the essentials like trust, understanding, communication, interests, goals, etc. If those elements are in place, then nothing else matters. Love is the greatest feeling in the world, and age shouldn't stop anyone from experiencing it.

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    Why does it matter what other people think? Age is only a number and a state of mind ( you're as old as u feel). Personally i wouldn't think anything of it 'cause I'm 22yrs old n the last guy i was with is 42yrs old. U r both adults so it's your choice and nobody elses. Have fun and good luck, mwah.

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    Who cares? It's perfectly legal! She is probably using him anyway because at 22 she should know when she is being taken advantage of!

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    She is probably desperate (not attractive and doesn't get asked out much), or she is using him for money or power, or she has a thing for older men. He is wealthy, using her for sex, paying her off, has a wife and a few kids at home, is a dirty old man, or is extremely lucky!

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    I wouldnt think anything really. Maybe just something like "aww they look happy". I certainly wouldnt care about the age difference - its not important.

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    I would think .. Wow they look happy .. arent they a cute couple .. there is nothing wrong with an age difference...

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    If I was that interested in them I would question my own happpiness.

    Seriously though, my girl is 15yrs older than me so WGAF!

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    Applaud them for foregoing traditions, probably.

  • 1 decade ago

    Happens a Lot but I would think she was his mistress.

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