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Anybody familiar with nightclub scenes in Berlin?

I have heard that there's a disco in Berlin, where it used to be an old abandoned building, but now it's converted into 5 floors of great disco scene. Every floor plays a different kind of music. Rings a bell anyone? Where is it located? What time does the place open? Any entry fee? How to Get there, please?

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    There are many of these kind of clubs in Berlin: Goya, which is now closed again, Berghain, Bangaluu, Knaack, maybe Speicher is the one that you think about, cause it's got many floors with different music, but the building isn't that old; maybe it's also the Tacheles, but there are only for really special parties 5 dancefloors... Also at the RAW-Gelände (Cassiopeia) are many floors, it's located at an old ex-industrial space from the Reichsbahn (old rail company) and also the Matrix located under the rails of the metro.

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    It is on Oriengenburg strasse. This is also the red light district street. I went there and had a jolly time. The main floor bar is a hip lounge. Out back there is a sandy beer garden cabana. The middle level is dark and very chill. There are a few artists that exhibit their art on the middle floors as well. the top floor was another loud fun bar. This place is the only building in Berlin that allows legal "squatting". The people that live there are mainly artists and are very high class squatters. The building is covered with graffiti, inside and out. Very fun experience, highly recommended!

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    I used 2 be but then they shut down the ONLY under 21 club in the city

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