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What can I do to get her to stop?

My cousin has always been my best friend. We share everything. We even tell each other our crushes. Well when I tell her mine a couple of weeks later i find out that she is dating them, What can I do to get her to stop?

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    You have to stop telling her about your crushes. Also you need to be more aggressive and go after the guys you secretly like and go out with them so that she doesn't end up with the guy first. I have a feeling that you are really shy. You need to have more self confidence and get the guy yourself and DON'T tell your cousin. She needs to find her own man!

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    The answer is so simple. Stop telling her your crushes. Try to infulence her to date other people that she might show an interest in, distract her and bam you keep your stable to yourself.

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    i think u shud not really do that..

    just let her be.. how old is she? i think is she's at her teen's or early tweny's, she knows what she's doin'.. it's up t' her conscience =)

    'v curs it's okay to express that ur affected, but dont make an effort to stop her.. ts ok t' show her ur hurt.. just watch and learn what's gona hapen.. th' more u show her its killin' u, and wants t' stop her..chances r th' more she'll keep doin' that t' u.. just let it be.. don't show that ur too affected by hwat's she's doin'..

    she'll be really sorry. and u'll find a lot "better" peeps..

    =) keep it cool, it's just crushes.. :)

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    first off ask her why she does dates people you told her you have a crush the lines of communication...there must be some reason why she does this, probably that she is insecure with herself deep inside, feels inferior to you in some way etc...this is her way of showing herself she is better than you in her sick stop telling her your crushes.!!

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    Stop telling her who you have crushes on.

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    you can't let her date.

  • tell her what a ***** she is

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