how many hamburger patties estimated can you make out of the average full grown cow?

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    Are you using all edible meat for ground beef or are you serving tbones, prime rib, etc?

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    Average beef animal, weighed full, 1200 lbs., some bone-in and some boneless steaks and roasts, closely trimmed, regular ground beef:

    (.61 X .67) X 1200 = 41% X 1200 = 492 lbs. of meat


    translates to about 900 1/2 pound patties or 1800 1/4 pound patties.

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    Average dressed weight of beef carcass estimate= 600 lb.

    Yield after removing bone and fat estimate at 50%= 300 lb.

    Average hamburger weight is 5 to a lb. which gives you an estimated 1500 hamburgers per carcass. Many hamburgers are sold 4/1 lb. which would return 1200 burgers.

    Yield of the carcass, leanness of the ground beef, and the process to remove the bones and fat will vary the return. Estimates here only!

    Source(s): a meat man
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    <>Your answer depends on 1) how much beef you got from the cow and 2) how big your burgers are. For instance, 1000 lbs of beef would yield 4,000 1/4 lb burgers (1000lb. = 16000 oz/4 oz burger = 4000 burgers).

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    Depends on how big your hamberger patties are.

    Good Luck!!!

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    depends on how big of a burger you want.. 1/4 pound.. 1/2... or 1 pounders ;)

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    5261.32 patties

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