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Is my puppy agressive?

My maltese puppy is 3months old. Sometimes when i pet/stroke her, she turns her head to try and bite me. Other times, she will just lick my hand. When i clap my hands and call her to come, she sometimes will try and bite my hands. However, sometimes she won't. Is she aggressive? If so, how should i correct it?

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    no that is typical puppy behaviour. Puppies bite each other to learn how to play and what is too hard. A puppy will kelp if another pup has bitten it to hard. The play will stop for a couple of second to say ouch you hurt me so I am not going to play with you,but puppies soon forgive and start playing again. There a may ways to encourage a puppy to stop biting. I teach my puppies to be gentle. when they bite to hard I squill and the interaction stops for about 10 secinds and then we will play gentle again. Puppies love toes, finger, hair and clothing. Don't tease the you are just encouraging them!

    If you puppy is really out of control you can "sin bin" it. Leave the room or the back yard where the pup gets to bity. let him calm down praise him if he is gentle when you return but praise him in a way that won't get him excited. Do not , onot play with your pup cause he is too bity as this doesn;'t solve the problem! Smacking your pup just makes him scared of people. Saying no may stop him but it ins't teaching him what is right. There three simpile steps in teaching your dog good behaviour is.

    1. interupt bad behaveiour with a clap, no, oi, etc

    2. direct behavouir to what you want the pup to do amnd

    3. is praise for good behaviour :)

    To appily to biting: Say no, get a toy and praise for biting toy :)

    Never grab the do by the scruff of the neck as that is cruel and mother dogs don't do tha to disapline them. That it is a myth! Mother dogs dicpline the pups by a quick reaction of putting her mouth around the pup's mouth. The disipline is over in a blink so I suggest you don't as you can do it fast enough. Don't use you hand to shut your puppies mouth as when a mouther does it is is done by her mouth your hand doesn't have the same effect as puppies often use there paws to play therefore to them you are just joining the play therefore you are encouaging the bad behaviour!

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    You stated eight week historical. When did you get her? Any dog that's eliminated from it is littermates earlier than eight weeks of age shall be susceptible to behaviour issues. Puppies are weened at five-6 weeks and from 6-eight weeks they're studying social expertise, chew inhibition, and the way to be best little toddlers. You would possibly bear in mind speakme in your breeder however they traditionally don't seem to be going to be so much aid, specifically in the event that they gave you one of these younger child. Your going to must be variety however corporation together with her. If she begins to behave like you can must clutch her via the scruff of the neck and deliver her somewhat shake and a corporation "NO". Don't SHAKE her, without difficulty deliver a moderate part to part movement that permits her to understand you imply trade. That's what her clutter friends might do. And if she bites too difficult, you have to allow out a yelp/scream like she's killing a littermate. It will have to be so startling that she'll allow move. Don't JERK your hand away or it's going to emerge as a recreation.

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    She is a puppy.

    Puppies like to bite and chew things...including your hands.

    It is a bad habit though.

    When she "snaps" at your hands, pull them away and tell her "no".

    When she licks or cuddles, praise her, dogs love the "baby voice" (the voice you would use to talk to a newborn baby) while being praised so, try that.

    To answer your question, An aggressive dog is usually mean (growls and barks) and/or is "pushy" (jumps up on you , claws at you, tries to knock you down, etc.).

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    I don't think she is aggressive.

    I suggest the first thing you do is visit your vet to rule out any illness and that she's not in pain or anything like that.

    If that is all fine, I would suggest you start the NILIF program which you can research online and also start becoming the human leader of your new pack and show your puppy what is and what is not acceptable behaviour.

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    no she is just teething. dog like to chew things anyway, and 3 months old especially. what you can try is when she trys to bite your hand just say no, remove your hand from her mouth and replace it with a toy. she should learn after a while, but even if she doesnt it is the most normal behavour, so you have nothing to worry, just enjoy her.

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