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Uterus removel thru laprascopic surgery...what are the precautions to be observed?

i need to know some insight on uterus removel and the precautions to be taken after it

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    I still have my uterus, but I have had laparscopic surgery. Therefore, I only know of the laprascopic issues...not the particular surgical issues.

    My doctor told me to stay lyin down with a pillow under my hips for 2 or 3 days. This is so the tiny air bubbles that are inadvertently left inside the abdominal cavity do not rise to the shoulders. Trust me, that is EXTREMELY painful. Otherwise, follow your doctor's instructions for your recovery period. Also, expect menopause to set in. Ask your doctor prior to your surgery everything that you should be aware of for after. That way, you know before you are "drugged" what you are supposed to do.

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