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Adding picture to yahoo profile web page?

I accessed my account to update my profile web page, and then clicked on "edit photo". I selected the photo I wanted on my profile. After uploading, the web page changed to the new yahoo photos page. I cannot get the pic to my profile. I do not want to use yahoo 360 nor any avators. I'd like the "old" way of adding/updating to the profile. Is there any way this can be done w/o using 360 and/or other yahoo, and if not, what is the easiest route? Thanks.


Add note: I'm using YM (Thnx for your asst CA.)

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    Unfortunately, this seems to be an ongoing problem with the newer messengers. I'm using version 7,0,2,120 and you are able to change your My Profile pic with it. You may need to uninstall the newer version, install YM7, make your changes and then switch back... a lot of work just to change a pic!

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    You click my internet site once you go online and then close to the acceptable of your internet site it is going to say"Edit very own photos" click on it.then browes your pictures that are saved on your computing gadget or workstation and chosen one:)

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