Cell phone companies selling out?

I recently belonged to the local cellular service, and they sold out to us cellular. Well my issue is #1 the new company isn't holding to our contract we signed in July with price plans and services and they also are insisting we buy new phones and sign contracts with them.

How can the old company sell phones to us that won't work with the new one (they knew that this was happening) that will not properly work in january...

and how can they get by without holding to the same price plan?


we just bought razors and paid 200$ for them in july.. I don't want to buy new phones

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If they want you to buy new phone, that mean they want you to renew a contract. The price and the lenght of the contract should be active. You have the right to go out if they want you to renew your contract or anything. If that is the case, find a company that will accept your phone.

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