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I've just spent 4 hours looking at myself in a mirror.I still cant work out what makes me so attractive-why?

and before you say anything it was in a brightly lit room, and I was wearing clothes. Although my mum did knock on the door and I had to pretend to be asleep.

I'm just getting sick of the hassle I get from men and women asking me on dates. Any advice would be great.


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    here is an advice its 100% effective

    go to your bathroom,take a shi*.....if you dont feel like going,wait for a few hours or mix milk an coke and drink it ,soon u definitely feel like going,

    after dumping all ur shi*,dont flush.

    grab it like mash potatoes and rub it all over your pretty face,dont mind the smell,its normal ..

    then go outside and have a nice day!!u will notice a sudden change..

    there problem solved.

    damn im so smart!!

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    Okay outer appearance plays a role in how attractive a person is. It could be your personality, your body language, or your Aura that you give off. Just decline nicely when someone asks you to go out on a date. Also be happy, most people don`t get that treatment all the time.

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    "i understand i choose greater makeup" that relatively upsets me to hearken to that. you're basically 14, no depend the way you seem you ought to no longer sense as in case you ought to positioned on it. yet, regrettably, that's what our day an age is like. concentrated on seems (PHAA! I say that as though i've got lived throughout each and every thing. i'm in basic terms 15 myself xD) yet yeah, I understand why you sense this type. we are able to all sense down on our seems from time to time. yet I permit you already know this definitely, and remember i'm no longer an fairly complimentitive person, you're tremendously. quite tremendously. And it may be this type of shame to initiate donning makeup. especially crap like foundation, that stuff provides the worst spots. in that then you definately disguise up with greater foundation. Making greater spots. it quite is a viscous cycle that I see fairly some people doing. with a bit of luck you will come to understand you do no longer choose makeup, no person does, relatively. and that i'll provide you a tip. to seem good, you ought to sense good. Seriosuly. self belief is the foremost. So seem at your self, p.c.. out all the suitable bits, and concentration on them. it will quite strengthen your self self belief, and with a bit of luck snap you out of questioning you ought to positioned on makeup. :] Oh, and that i'm choosy with hair, yet yours is relatively wonderful ;D

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    I believe Symmetry is beauty. That's what usually make someones face attractive. Then their is Physical appearance which is dictated by society as well as personal preference. Meaning Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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    Hey, what's the issue about being attractive? You mean that you want to "de-attractive" yourself????? Some people would risk the surgeon's knife to uplift their image! Ok ok, so you don't like being attractive, don't like the attention that it brings, but that's life, you take the good and bad that it come with. Send me photo of yourself, maybe we can start from there, hope that I don't start trying to date you!

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    4 hours huh? advice to you, take the mirror out of your room. Seems a bit strange to look at oneself for 4 hours... (or 3 or 2 or 1...)

    Source(s): It just occured to me that maybe you should go out with yourself!!
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    I don't see what your problem is. I can't even tell if you are a man or a woman by your avatar. Maybe that is why both men AND women are asking you on dates!

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    Maybe it isn't about being attactive, although you may very well be. maybe it's the non-verbal signals you are giving. Really think about the way you act tomorrow and see if you can see anything you do that may be percieved as being open to flirtacious behavior.

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    by the looks of the picture you have selected to represent you for advice is that you need a 2nd opinion....because i'm still trying to decide if you are male or female

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    I think you have a problem: the name is narcissism. You love yourself too much. Who, in this world, looks at himself in the mirror for 4 hours? :O

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