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I feel god doesnt exist ,rather than he creating us we created him,and religion is just a way of social life?

I think a human mind is a free mind and we can think and do the wildest possible thing if not controlled.So we created a god of whom we are scared and religion which disciplines us.god is the biggest scandal of all time.

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    Well, you may beileve what you want. You can beileve any hting. It is thepoint of veiw. I see where your coming from and it has a good chance of being right but it is up to the indevidule to decide what to beileve. So yes it is possible

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    I think the reason why a single god religion is so strong is because it is the only way to explain things that we cannot possible explain now - like what's "outside" the universe.

    Humanity's morality is regulated by religious believes, which I think to a large extent is good.

    The scandal comes in when god is used as an excuse to cause harm to others.

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    God is an upper hand that some created to threaten the common people with. Religion is truly just a method to gain power, and to get to a certain goal, look at Israel, and how the Christians invaded the world under the name of religion, and Islam before them.

    Funny right

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    I have similar beliefs. In my opinion, and it is just that, god is a figment of our imagination, conjured up as a means of explaining certain things about us and our world which couldn't be explained any other way at the time, i.e. until the advent of proper Science. (I just can't see how educated peoples can believe, and in some cases, dedicate their entire lives to, a fictional being, who created the Earth etc. in 7 days....Come on!) Also god is a way of representing all things good, in one, handy, metaphorical character, which, by our nature is easier to relate to. Satan etc. being the same, only representing Evil.

    If you believe in dinosaurs, then god doesnt exist. If you believe in the last ice-age. he (with a small "h") doesnt exist...because the world is only 5000 years old, right!

    Thats kinda my view, though I would like more time to write exactly what I believe.

    Everyone's entitled to their opinions.

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    dear fellow God surely exists everywhere, even in yourself. Just tell me what maximum you can think?, man has reached on moon, space missions has touched marce, satelite ships captured snaps of jupitor.... what else is the advancement, did you ever think what is bayound all that? what is bayound our universe? Why day/night is of 24 hours, Why only natural flowers gives fragrance? just tell me How you was born? Who decides that one woman will give the birth of babay boy or girl? Just tell me Why all advancements of today's age is unable to say anything about Burmoda Triangle? So dear fellow you will find that there is a limit where we can't go bayound, our thinking even stops and we feel that THERE IS SOMEONE who is controlling all this, and this is nothing else but GOD, yes that IS

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    God develop into sitting round continuously and he continuously knew each and everything he may ever imagine, yet he all the unexpected desirous to create some lowly human beings (compared to him, it could be like us having a loving relationship with bacteria). particular a appropriate being does no longer favor nor favor some thing, in spite of the undeniable fact that the goat herders that wrote the tale appeared to over look that little difficulty etc, because they gave god many human features, even the ugly ones like jealousy, anger and vengeance. Yeah it doesn't make experience, in spite of the undeniable fact that it doesn't section those who opt for it to be authentic contained in the slightest.

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    Religion was created by God for men to follow. Men came from someone who made the creation and it was God.

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    If God does'nt exist.

    Then who is communicating with us that passes-by our daily lives in planet of apes.

    Look around at the punishment and destruction of human errors with seven times of extra ordinary power with earth, wind, fire, water and plagues that is going on out there in planet of apes.

    Wonder who created the non-existence religion when it is just an ancestor's ghostly kitchen's ghost stories and ghostly modern history of failures and horrors from the graveyards and call it religion in making a monkey out of themselves living in misery in planet of apes.

    Better go back and do a refresher course in planet of apes.

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    First of all, stating your opinion isn't a question.

    Secondly, you do realize you're probably gonna be bombed by a gazillion religious people?

    That kind of opinion is actually considered anti-social in certain countries...

    So you might want to be careful.

    And fyi, I totally don't agree with you. But I do see where you're coming from.

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    O.K. so your a Atheist. You are entitled to your view of life. Oh and just wondering, you think we evolved from apes, right? Well I'm gonna grab a bananna, and pick the fleas off my

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