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Id men and women are created equal, then why?

1. In Boxing, women are limited to 4-5 rounds only.

2. In Politics, most country leaders are men, though there are more women in their population?

3. In Olympics, the world records set by men are better than the world records set by women..

The list goes on and on....

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    I can't believe this question keeps coming up over and over and over again!

    Equality doesn't mean "the same in all ways".

    You may be interested to know, though, that there is the chance women may have any number of intellectual abilities that are superior to men's (in general).

    When it comes to the fact that men tend to be bigger/stronger physically that's fine. If you studied up on the workings of women's physiology and the workings of men's (you know how the medical profession now recognizes that men and women have different sets of health issues or even symptoms for the same condition..) you may come to realize that men could be compared to the larger, non-electronic/more mechanical but bigger and sturdier cars of the past; while women could be compared more to the smaller, less sturdy, but more sophisticated cars of today which have more complicated electronics that allow them to often be more efficient and/or have more features and abilities than cars of the past.

    Sure - if you put those old cars in a demolition derby they'll do better than the smaller, newer, cars - but who really cares about winning the demolition derby anyway? (Only a very few people who care about that type of thing.)

    So any of the things on your list that involve physical strength have been addressed.

    Now let's address politics: It was only in the late sixties and early seventies when the women's movement began to gain much momentum. For many women who were grown then the opportunities that would come for younger woman would not come because it was pretty much too late. This means that babies born around 1970 would be the first group of girl babies to have their growing up timed well with the progress of the women's movement and the condition of women in general.

    Many of those babies had mothers who weren't necessarily tuned into the women's movement, so a lot of those babies didn't get the right nurturing/education. Babies born in 1980 were more likely to have mothers who shared the values of the women's movement (mothers who were teens and early twenties when the women's movement bloomed), but those babies are still only 26 years old today. In general, people don't reach the height of their success that young.

    So that explains the political thing, as well as the fact that men have until now been responsible for most major medical/scientific accomplishments. This, though, can be compared to two people who live in a house; and one of them ties up the other one and locks her in a closet and then goes up living life as if she weren't there. He may then announce, "Hey. I'm the only one who runs this place." (Well, sure....)

    Martin Luther King said that one day his four little children would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Well, one day my daughter or her daughter(s) (she doesn't have any yet) will be judged not by whether they can win a boxing match but by the content of their character, the brilliance of their mind, their emotional toughness, the contribution they make to the world, and the purity of their souls. Those are the things that I consider the "measure of a man" (or the measure of a human).

    As I write this there is a young American woman on the space station, making repairs and doing whatever else people do on the space station. You can have your Olympics and your boxing matches (and your football - just in case that's on your list too).

    People are individuals, and all people ARE created equal even if they have different sets of skills (that may or may not be associated with their gender). There have always been people who are a little superior to other people, and that group of superior people has always included women. Its just that nobody knew how superior so many women could be because nobody let their little girls have a chance at being all they could be. There have always been people who are inferior in ways to other people, and some women have always been in the group as well.

    "Created equal", though, isn't about what has gone on in the past. Its about the potential for what could go on in the future. If you use the measure of a person as the set of things I mentioned above (and some people do have superiority in all of those things), the fact is most children are born with equal potential; but far too few - regardless of their gender - will ever achieve it.

    I could say that you don't have the writing skill I have and jump to the conclusion that your gender must not be equal to mine based on that one thing that I can do well (and that many people in my gender do well, although they don't have a monopoly on it). That isn't even good reasoning. You don't judge equality by one skill or type of skill. You judge it by the things I mentioned above (character, intellect, strength, and soul).

    People are individuals. Some end up being better people than others. Some end up being more accomplished people than others. It has nothing to do with gender - and all that I've written above explains why.

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    Depends on your definition of "equal". No person is totally equal to another in the sense of physical, mental or social abilities. Nothing to do with gender at all. We all all individual.

    What equality means is that no person regardles of these differences is any less valuable or important than any other.

    Your illustration reflects the whole socially learned inequality thing better than perhaps you realise. Not because of weight, speeds or political infleunce, but because mens boxing is seen as more important, more relevent and more socially acceptable than womens. Regardless of endurance. If a woman lasts 5 rounds then this should equate to a man lasting 12 rounds, should it not? A woman IS physically weaker than a man (in very general terms) so the number of rounds is reflected in these abilities. Doesn't mean a woman is any less able, she has competed to her physical best, asking a woman to go ten rounds is like asking a man to do 20. Totally disproportionate to his physical abilties and safety.

    The political leaders are mostly men. Not because woman are less knowledgable, but because woman are still seen as "less important" even though it is a very subconcuious misconception than most people (men AND women) still hold. It's learned attitudes not based in fact. And we are ALL guilty of it. Me included, until I question my own predudices and realise what I am actually saying or thinking.

    World records, well use the same logic as my first answer and this will answer this.

    So, it's not that woman are not equal to men, it's just they are generally not seen as such. When women's football gets a prime time slot on the sports channel THEN we will be equal.

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    IF men and women were equal, IF, then those things wouldn't be true. People in general aren't created equal though. The very strongest man will be stronger than the strongest woman, the fastest man, faster than the fastest woman, and so on.

    This is an evolutionary principle, and can even be seen in those that we evolved from. Men are dominant, strong, protectors. Women are child bearing and especially at that time need protection. That is how we evolved, and there was no reason for this to change in us.

    I'm not saying that some women cannot be physically fit, and I'm not saying that some men cannot be weak. It's a matter of averages, and none of us are created equally.

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    You're an idiot.

    If men and women are created equally, then why can't men have babies? For the same reasons that mex exceed most women physically: Our bodies are made differently to do different tasks. Can you breastfeed a baby? Can men take care of and raise children better? Because I don't see a lot of stay at home dads.

    Men may be stronger, but they are more likely to hit, molest, torture and abuse children. Look at the ratio of male pedifiles to female pedifiles. There are 3 times more men.

    Let me know when you can potty-train a baby, change a diaper properly, or refuse to ask a stupid question even if it really bothers you.

    I hope you feel really fuc***g stupid now.

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    All citizens have equal opportunity in the eyes of conservatives. None are equal in the eyes of all political parties. (Real Conservatives have no Party representing them in today's America.) The elitist despots have the advantage. They are the Lords and you are Serfs. I read an article that stated the Amish Lobby (isn't that concept a kick in the head) is getting an exemption for all Amish citizens so they won't have to pay the tax or penalties associated with health care. They base that on the fact that they don't buy insurance now and never have used the established methods of financing their health care needs. That makes some sense, but points out we should all be permitted exemptions based on our life styles. Isn't it better if we all just continue to care for our own needs and get the Government off our backs? (Or should we all just become Amish?)

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    Perhaps the right brain left brain logic as they say. Men use one side of their brain. Women the other. Depends perhaps on our physical make up between our parents. Perhaps discipline of our upbringing and combine that with confidence? Perhaps physiology and perception of logic within a person. Androgyny? They say women make better soldiers because of their compassion factor. I don't know I think sexes vs sexes will always be an incredible invariable no matter what we say. We all have both the feminine and the masculine qualities at some point in our evolution thru life so as you said. The list goes on.

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    Having different plumbing, talents, interests, and abilities has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with equality. How is that so hard for people like you do understand?

    Do you consider yourself unequal to men who are smarter, stronger, or better than you at various things? Nope. You know you're equal to them. You know other men don't deserve more rights than you because they're stronger or smarter or better at something. I know there are tons of women out there who are much smarter than you - does that mean men aren't equal to women on the whole and shouldn't be seen as equals to them?

    You're a pig - plain and simple - and you are grasping at straws to find some way of putting them down.

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    It goes both ways. men are not equal to women in cases of divorce and child custody becuase women always get custody. Is that fair? Women commit as much domestic violence as men do but a female victim of DV is given resources and a male is not. DV is seen as a male problem.

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    women are the complete opposite of men (at least that is what man thinks). women have breasts while men have nipples, women have ovaries and men have balls, women have a cli** and men have a penis. men can live on their own and women are good at developing close relationships with other women. however as far as abilities it really depends on the person because sometimes a girl has more of the fathers genes then the mother and vice versa

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    Don't think that way, because women are not at all equal, some just think they are and let them I say.

    1.A man has thicker vocal cords,

    2.thicker skin and rougher skin,

    3.A man does not have curves does he?

    4.A bigger portion of the man's brain is devoted to sex, while a bigger portion of the woman's brain is devoted to child care.

    5.A woman wants sex for romance, a man wants it to relieve himself of any thing that he need release from, pressure, stress, etc. are more aggressive, they have to be, biologically, mentally, they are hunters, have to put the bacon on the table.

    My list goes on and on and on and on and on.

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    But you do agree that men are better than women at some things (ie spacial ability) and vise versa?

    Men andwomen are equal, just different in more ways than one. One's differences can compliment the other. Two in unison, don't you agree?

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