caste problem?

i am in a relationship ...its 3 yrs old..iam 23 and she is 21...problem is that iam a SC and she is a jaat from rohtak...the problem is she is sayn is that we dnt hav future..and i told her that iam sc after 1 year and she ws dissapointed..she said its not possible..iam sayn tht i will handle evrythng but she is nt ready...she ws very small whn her fathr died...and her mom bought her 1 supported their do i convince her... i knw she is thnkn abt her family bt i cnt live without her ...please help me...and i want to knw are rohtak jats are she is sayn its wrng...i dnt believ in caste but she is...hw do i make hr understnd


pls help............

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can't make her understand. Move on.

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  • Isis
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    1 decade ago

    I am sorry that I do not understand all of the levels of your caste system, but I want to support you in your belief that dividing human beings into castes is an oppressive relic of the past. You must try your best to educate her to her worth and value as a free person in a free society. It is the only way she can grow as a person and find happiness in her life. Look for some book by a person you respect that might help her understand this. I wish you good luck. You are right.

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  • 1 decade ago

    what i gather from your q is that you love a girl she loves you but she said it cant work becoz you belong to different religions, right? well think about this, you marry her support her mother and siblings, you have children, what religion will they be? if your fine with it that they can choose their own way and she's also ok with it then try your best to get her. but in the end its her decision too

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  • she will have to understand it herself

    u can only tell her that far

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