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evil cat question?

my cat is really sweet but she starts scratching and flippin out at random times...its also not too accepting of new ppl...anyway i can make its attitude better?

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    Do you mean she scratches you? I have found that sometimes cats have tender spots that they do not want touched. Start monitoring what she is doing and what your are doing when the flip out occurs. Also, don't use a lot of words to scold your cat, when my cats scratched and bit me (while playing) I would only say "NO" or "Ouch" the cats would stop and would usually try to lick the area that they just hurt.

    Some cats are very shy and will never accept new people coming over. If she is just nervous, help her calm herself quickly by putting some butter or gravy on the top of one of her front paws. She will concentrate on cleaning herself, which will automatically calm her down, while also enjoying a tasty treat.

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    cats will be cats

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