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How do I get him to...?

ok so there this guy that i have liked for like 3 yrs now. Well he just broke up with his girlfriend and was looking around for someone to date. Well he know I have like him forever. Well he kept asking me if I think any of my friends would date him well i kept saying idk and stuff like that. I want him to get the hint that i want to date him, but how?


The stuff that i was telling him about my friends was like that they were thinking about dating a different person or that thy lik older guys

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    believe it .. guys never get this kind of hints...even if you say that u wanna date him, there is every possibility that he will take it as a joke.. specially when u r his friend...

    so just hang out with him.. try to make plans with him to hang out together without naming it as date or anything as such... and just have a good time... try spening time together.... and later things might follow .... try flirting a bit , it might put it off balance sometime but it will fun i guess... but donot let ur friendship break coz of this....

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    If you dont want to be direct (cause none of the guys I know are good with hints) ..

    Tell him you will set him up on a blind date. You know a girl that would be perfect for him.. answer all his question keeping in mind YOU ARE THE BLIND DATE. Set the when where and all that jazz up. When he shows up and its you.. he is probably not going to get it. You can fill him in then that you have always had a thing for him and you want to give it a shot.

    If he is a gentleman he will at least do the one date with you and you can go from there. Who knows.. he might find in the end he likes you after all.. if not at least you got your date! :)

    Good luck!

  • I personally think that you have fancied this guy for way too long now.

    What have you been up to for the last three years since you`ve known this guy?

    Have you kept yourself tidy for him all those years or what`s going on here?

    If so, it`s time for you & him to get to know one another a little better, don`t you think?

    Gather up all your womanly courage & ask him out on a date girl!

    You can do it!

    If he says no, your friendship runs the risk of being severely affected by it so be very careful how you handle things, like his initial reaction to your request, etc.

    If everything goes up in smoke, just sever the ties & move on!

    If not and he agrees, enjoy your holiday romance and your Xmas & New Year parties together!

    Good luck to you & Happy Holidays!!!

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    You garbled your question, so if I were you, I'd go back in and edit it. You said, "well, I kept saying idk and stuff...' Fix that.

    However, if I can guess, in this 2007, why don't you just ask HIM out? I think probably 3/4 of the women I've dated, and over half of the women I've been in bed with (and out of bed/against walls, on the floor, in the back seat of the car), have asked ME out, and then made the FIRST move sexually, and the 2nd, and the 3rd. I've been lucky enough, half-a-dozen times now, to have a woman quite literally pull my face to hers and stick her tongue in my mouth. I didn't even object one time! I've had women literally take my hand in theirs and shove it up under their sweaters ONTO a bare breast. (to let me know it was bare, I suppose) I've literally had women unzip my pants, and while I'm thinking ???, they reached inside, inside my underwear, and ALL THE WAY down, and then "around". So I did the same to them. "If you want it, lassie, go get it!"

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  • I know how it feels to like someone for so long and then for them to finally look your way, you feel like your in the spot light... its an amazing but hugely fake feeling that we have. This guy sounds like a douchebag to me, hun if he keeps asking if any of your friends want to date him... doesnt that sound pretty dick like to you ? it sure does to me, he knows you like him and hes using to to his advantage if you really want this guy to notice you , ignore him all together walk by him occationally and casually but pay no attention to him, make him want you. and when he asks you something or talks to you , kind of give him that ... if you dont treat me like im your queen you're cut, that type of attitude... " hey hows it goin' , im pretty sure i told you what my number was the other day and i didnt get a call" your response would be... " i didnt have a pen" or oh... and basically make him feel like dirt , he'll be dying for your approval. but dont be a hardcore crule "female dog" in a sense;P

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    Just say, "if you ever wanted to ask me out, I might say yes" the next time he asks if you know anyone. I would bet 10 to 1 that he is asking you that because he wants to know if you are interested. It is his way of hinting to you.

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    why dont u keep lookin at him and then when he looks at you hell notice u better. which could show uv got a crush on him. and then smile (dont make it look too obvious)

    If a girl was lookin at me i would notice then i would ask her out. sometimes we boys dont get the hint so constantley look at him (but nor in a weird way U kNoW wHaT i MeEn).

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    You need to woman up and tell him that you want him.

    You have to take a chance.

    He may go for you, he may not.

    But if he ends up with another and you didn't even try, you will regret it forever.

    Try this line: "Hey Joe, what do you think about you and ME going out?"

    You will know where you stand immediately.

  • ask him out on a date got nothing to loose better hurry before someone else does

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    just ask, it's better to find out that always have the doubt of what could happen.

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