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How to handle natural disasters?

The National-Union feels that every State should have an emergency fund to create security. The State government should be responsible for preventing further tragedy because their government can easily alert citizens and provide for citizens much faster than the federal government. The emergency fund, which is about 10% of the States' revenue in reserve, will provide temporary health insurance and assistance to the local government for residents. In States' where there is less natural disasters, the fund can be used to aid farmers and small businesses after the State's deficit is significantly decreased.

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    Well half of what you explained already exist... well some might argue all but the funds never go where they are suppose to go.

    Then there is when a governor declares a national security issue and is when FEMA steps in... federal help.

    It's common here... I'm a 3 minute walk from putting my feet in the sand = hurricane city.

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    The state can help but it is easier for them to blame everything on FEMA and the President than actually taking responsibility. Then when things don't work out perfect they can claim that nobody cares about them because they are black.

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    When we have a natural disaster once the rescue is completed, and since we are one country, we should all come to the aide of our citizens, regardless of the state. Perhaps we should examin how to prevent it

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    Natural disaster could be handled by peoples' co-operation.If people are co-operate, to some extent the problem may get solution. people and government goes side by side, they understand what they do. Forinstance enginers will make strong resistable building for earth quake, at coastal area may build terracing to protect flooding, to minimize desertification planting trees.

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