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Does anyone know of a free messanger or sumthing that lets me call phones for free?


There has to be something besides yahooo

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    Google Talk - but for that you need a Gmail account, which is based on invitation purely. Of course, I can send you the invite if you want.

    You can't call PHONES for free. The other person should also have a Google Account.

    Skype is also good for local calls provided the other person has Skype.

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    I know a few that allows you to call almost 21 countries for free but only after once you add funds to the account min 10 US$ and then even when the amount is over u can continue enjoying the free calls.

    To get complete details, open and search "call free on phone through internet" and you will get good results.

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    You cant call free but you can text free from Yahoo and Aim

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    download Skype - highly recommended and FREE

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    yahoo messenger

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