any tips on piercing your own nose?

Did it once and it never seemed to heal... it just was always sore...

AND NO FEEDBACK ABOUT HOW ITS A BAD IDEA TO DO IT YOURSELF.. I dont believe in paying money to hurt myself


what did i say about that kinda talk?

Update 2:

Umm you cannot die from a piercing unless your a filthy person

Update 3:

ohh and the nose is TOUGH... anything better that a needle?

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    Bamma say he do it for free. Bamma own tattoo shop in So. Cal. Bamma say Hollywood and Vine. Bamma rather do it for free than see you amputate nose. Bamma say that your future. Bamma say go ahead and stick needle through nose. Bamma say you miss nose when it gone. Bamma no care what you said about feedback. Bamma his own man. Bamma say Bamma make own rules. Bamma say do you want the piercing or not? Bamma wanna know.

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    You CAN die from a piercing if you don't autoclave it properly. Even sterilising with alcohol won't kill bacteria that cause hepititis. But you're right - self piercing removes the risk of getting someone elses blood, bacteria etc on the needle. So if you are determined to do it yourself -

    If you happen to have a pressure cooker then these work like an autoclave. If not then boil water, add salt and place the needle and jewellery in the water. Don't use alcohol (dries out piercing) or a flame (creates soot which gets in your ear and CAN give you a disease). Clean your ear the same way too.

    Only use surgical stainless steel jewellery for a fresh piercing (or titainium but SSS is much cheaper).

    Use a proper hollow piercing needle (they are very cheap from some internet stores (at least mine was and it was good quality)

    Then obviously just follow basic piercing cleaning guidelines (don't use alcohol just sea or rock salt in boiled water).

    Source(s): myself - I have pierced myself several times.
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    The aborigines that do self mutilation usually follow a few guidelines. They use some herbal anesthetic and in addition something to dull the mind as well, like pombe,or some such fermentation. They freeze the nose in ice if it is available and sharpen the bone, metal, or wooden piece to be inserted, then in one sudden jerk they plant and fix the object where it is supposed to reside.It is a lot easier than in the ears, where a great deal of help and time is needed to stretch the earlobe.

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    You could end up paying a lot More money in medical bills if the area becomes infected. Furthermore without a complete understanding of the nervous system in the face you run the risk of perminantly paralizing yourself if the peircing is not placed properly. It didnt heal because it was infected and you are lucky it wasnt much worse. You may not be so lucky next time so dont be cheap with your life.

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    okay.. this is a simple question to answer.. ready for a supply list?

    1 hollow needle

    1 small piece of cork big enough to fit nicely in your nose

    rubbing alcohol

    a lighter

    chosen ring

    saline solution

    Sterilize the needle by soaking in alcohol and burning off the alcohol with the lighter.. do this ATLEAST 3 times before wiping clean soaking one last time and swetting aside on a clean sterile surface. Swab inside and out of nose wiht alcohol q-tip.

    place cork in nose

    pierce skin with ONE stab. feed cork and needle out of nose filling the stud in. wash daily with saline solution 2 times atleast is best.


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    i have pierced my personal nostril, and believe me you don't recognize each and everything. For one, your needle desires to be larger than your nostril ring. it is why the needles are hallow, they make a reduce in a U structure style and the ends are hallow so that you'll slide the rings into the finished and make one quick pull and the nostril ring will be inserted. you ought to have a 20 or 18g hallow needle. for 2, it doesn't count how difficult your cartilage on your nostril is. in case you're taking it out earlier it truly is thoroughly healed, it is going to % up. and infrequently that doesn't even count. Get a retainer (sparkling rings) to position on your nostril after it truly is thoroughly healed. for 3, there's a vein precise next to the position your nostril piercing is going that in case you hit it, you may flow blind. Ask your known practitioner. I checked it out with mine earlier I did it. and that i develop into very fortunate. For 4, even with specialist informed you to do it your self is an entire dumb *** and should be fired. NO authentic "specialist" will allow you to recognize to do it your self. as far because the cork, you do not favor one. i did not use one. merely be careful once you do it no longer to jab it in and merely take your time because you don't recognize what you're doing. also, even with quantity of money to procure the elements for, you should of merely had someone do it for you. They flow for round 50 funds at maximum. be particular to sparkling each and everything as sturdy a feasible... and also you may merely wait to flow to a specialist.

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    Ok, here is how you do it:

    Become a professional piercer.

    Pierce your nose.


    Unless you have an autoclave and professional piercing equipment, leave the poking of holes in the body to the professionals.

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    So hurting yourself much worse because you don't know what you're doing is better somehow? Maybe if you don't want to pay, and you don't want to hurt, you should just stick with the clip-on nose piercing.

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    make sure u the needle is really clean. boil in hot water & put in sterilyze sollution. otherwise u can get infection.

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    It will hurt less if you pay someone to do it. And you will get it in the right spot in your nose.

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