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Pain in my hip after jogging?

Hi people, arghh my hip has been hurting for days now when i walk. I've over done it with the jogging, now i've a horrible pain on my left handside when i walk. Any advice on how to treat it? Obviously i can't jog for a while till it's better...thanks

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    you say that you have overdone it with the jogging so the obvious

    choice you need to make is to stop jogging for a while and maybe sit in the hot tub and make sure that your left hip is

    pressing right up against one of the that you get total

    jacuzzi action on it. wow, it sounds very painful, i pity you...i know how bad the pain can be when you overdo.....just make sure that you baby the left side as much as possible. and keep

    still....i know that will be hard for someone who is used to being active.....but you need to baby that area now and take it easy.

    please take care of yourself because if you don't then who will??

    make sure that, when you are in the shower that you let the water

    run directly on the pained area and just stand there like for 10 minutes.....if you do that it will feel so good. i am very worried about you and your injury. please take real good care of yourself so that you will be "with the program" for Christmas. i hope that you have some happy holidays and that you are not in too much


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    Well the problem with treating it is that it's hard to tell exactly what is causing the pain. It could simply be your running shoes! If you haven't, I would suggest going to a shoe or sports store that will let you try on the right shoes for you and run in them. Price and brand make no difference, it's just what fits your foot. That goes with any shoes, really.

    It could be other things though. It could be an actual problem with your hip. My advice would be to stay off of it as much as you can, take tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain, and then try to get yourself some better shoes and/or insoles. If the problems persist, I would seek a doctor and get a referral to a specialist, as it could be something more complicated. Not necessarily serious, but not so easy for people that didn't have 11 years of school to understand.

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    pain is always presence whenever an excessive pressure is put on. consuming painkiller can be one of the choice... oh ya.. if u found out of any bruises or swelling over that area.... self treatment like putting a cold compress does help.. when sleeping.. it is good not to lie on the affected hip.. simply u are putting more pressure on it.. BUT if the pain is not subsiding.. get it's good to have it check.. let the experts do the talking.. and x-ray might be necessary.... may u always be in good health and happy holidays~!!! =D

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    this may sound kind of silly but everyones legs are uneven, some more than others. You are putting more stress on one side of your hip than the other, which is making it hurt. If this is the case you can actually see a phyical therapist and they will show you techniques on how to stretch your muscles to fix the problem.

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