how to cook baked scallops with herbs?

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    Oh, we just had scallops yesterday, and they were so lovely! But we didn't bake them and we didn't use herbs -- they really don't need them.

    Get a grill (the kind you find in dollar stores or 100 yen shops work fine) and place it over a gas burner. Place the scallops in their shells over the fire/grid. The flat side should go down first. They may open, or the muscles may burn and they shut flat. Cook for three or four minutes. (We can cook three on each burner. Flip and cook for a minute or so more, then with tongs and a handy knife, pry open the shell. Add a small pat of butter (1/4 tsp?) and a little soy sauce or menmi noodle sauce, and let cook until you feel it is done. Very fresh ones, that can also be eaten as sashimi, are perfect for this, and you don't need to cook them all the way through.

    I like to cut off the black sack before I eat them -- others pry it off with chopsticks.

    Oh, I wish we had another couple of dozen to cook up tonight! Have fun with it!

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    I always baked scallops in this way:

    Remove the half valve of each scallop. Mix together 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. lime juice, a pinch of dried basil leaves, chopped red chili and few salt. Put a lillte amount of mixture to each scallop meat, arrange the scallops in a baking dish and bake for 15 minutes. Hmmmm,...i'm hungry!

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    Scallops cook VERY quickly and become rubbery if overcooked, so I would broil or saute instead.

    Combine the desired herbs with melted butter or olive oil,or even some type of other flavored oil if you like (e.g. walnut, sesame).

    Drizzle over scallops and broil or saute just a few minutes-3 or 4- until meat is just translucent).

    This is a delightful dish.

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