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Highlight words in rich text box(Visual Basic 6)?

What vb code can I use to check and highlight word like "Public" and "End" in rich text box. Just like Visual Basic 6 code window??

(I'm using Visual Basic 6)

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    This is called "syntax highlighting" - search the net (try SourceForge, PlanetSourceCode, Google etc) for articles related to syntax highlighting - it's a little tricky to implement, but there is lots of information about it available.

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  • 4 years ago

    Are you on a working laptop or laptop? in the beginning verify yet another utility like Notepad (out of your upload-ons menu) and notice if the priority is barely with word. no rely if it particularly is wonderful there then verify yet another place of work utility consisting of Excel. in case you have issues in all of those purposes, it appears like your keyboard has been configured incorrectly, the two it has the incorrect interior sight settings or you somebody has remapped the keys. verify your interior sight settings from the administration Panel and verify your keyboard is likewise utilising the superb format. If the priority purely occurs with place of work or word then i could probably recommend a reboot. If all else fails and you have a Delete button i could use that!

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