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Conspiracy theories - why are they always plural?

Why do people say dumb things like "I don't believe in conspiracy theories" ?

In the plural, I mean.

Isn't conspiracy just people making plans they don't want other people to know about? Which happens all the time, and is pretty much a definition of business or politics?

What I'm getting at is this - what is it *psychologically* that makes some people want to pretend that this really everyday human thing simply doesn't occur? At all. In the plural.

Do they believe there is a sinister global network of shadowy goons making up all these bullshit stories, absolutely none of which are true?

Why do some folk need to believe there is no such thing as secrecy?

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    Because if you were to accept such. Then there would be a whole new world of things to consider. I think it has to do with comfort zones and tolerances.

    Conflicting theology in the self. Accepting a new possible truth or to even be objectionable towards someone's fundamentalist mindset might be a private heresy. It might be something that would rock someones foundation of reality.

    If you were to threaten someones capacity to function I would think you will meet opposition no matter what your method. Though the reality that stews outside their home may be wildly different, they may put it off for a time to maintain peace and inner harmony, be it a false sense or not, is effectively what it is. Until such reality comes crashing down to affect thier lives, then they may wise up or lash out with anger towards an upset harmony. Though not embracing truth still, or seeking or worried for its retrieval, their truth is their peace of mind and that is all they seek is that lullaby.

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    Well i think most people just want a cut and dried life . They never want to take the time to really question anything they just follow what ever the spin doctors put out .

    And the US goverment is great at making people this way i belive they start some off the wall story and spread it to say CNN then after a few days *debunk* the theories as a big scam so after many decades 99% of the people have a auto reflex as to say "I don't believe in any concpiracy theories.

    Let's just have fun with one Say a craft did in fact crash in Rosewell .. Do you really think they could come on TV and tell people Ohh by the way we are not alone . Heck no people would go nuts .

    So after stuff like that happens and the news folks so ready to say most people who belive in any conspiracys are living in a dream world .

    It's a shame 99.9% of the people are too worried about talking on a cell phone than to really question anything they just belive what ever everyone eles belives .. Old saying If a lie is told enough it becomes the truth

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    I comit conspiricies I think it's rather fun and also a bit disgrasful. I only conspire against people in the lower end of the higherarchy wouldn't want to get caught now. But some people can't accept that someone like me might be their to screw them over behind their back or that someone hates their favourit celeb that much they would go to so much trouble to cover up murders...

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    Because of the word theory. It's what it says it is. Only a theory. Could have haven't this/that way but hasn't been proven to be fact. Usually it could have happened in several different ways. Hence, the plural.

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    Cuz most humans are stupid and believe that because their government tells them something, then it MUST be true. They seem to think that the government would not possibly do anything without our knowing. Of course, these are the same people that would cause chaos if they REALLY knew what was going on.

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    I think that is more a grammatical dispute that you have there.

    All "conspiracy theory" aside, (hey wow! I used the singular form) George W. Bush is kind of a goon.

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    Because--- every lie needs another lie to cover it --

    A lie very seldom stands alone without some support of other lies to give it some kind of plausability !!

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