this might sound weird?..?

but how do you give a b##w job. ive never given one b4 cause never been ready to, now am, can someone tell me


im 18, sorry for not saying

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    Like you are sucking a frosty through a Don't just put it in your mouth, they want to feel a little suction, but not too rough. Watch the teeth and keep salivating. Don't try to take too much at once, breathe through your nose and take a little each time you go down on it. After practice you will know what he likes and you get a feel for doing it in your own style. If you get tired pull off for a minute and work it with your hand. Gently rubbing the head. Some guys like it, others don't. When you are more advanced and ready, you can include the "boys" in your act. But that is only for a very special guy, not just anyone!

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    Experiment with the idea, what you think it is, practice, use what you can guess as a guideline and work from there, most of the interesting part is going to be getting where you want to be. Enjoy.

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    If you are ready,and have a significant other,practice on him.Let him know it's your 1st time.Be sure that you are both comfortable.

    He will guide you through and let you know how you are

    Puff your cheeks out..use teeth only for nibbling the tip gently etc.

    Like I said,he will let you know the deal.

    Have fun..

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    Like Kimberly said, it takes practice, and your mouth might hurt.

    This is a forum about sexual questions, and it's very helpful. There is also a guide on how to do it, if you're interested.

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    practice, might feel bad when you have that D**k inside yua mouth at first

    but with time its gonna be alright

    make sure you dont bite or you will hurt your man

    its wonderful just try it

    and keep practising with something atleast

    practice makes perfect

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    put the object in your mouth and suck it like it the most tasty lollipop you ever had, caress the penis with your hand wrapped around it moving it up and down as you suck, easy enoug right, well if you still don't get it practise on a banana

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    Practice with a popsicle. just sux it lick it anything feels good just do it. Remember dont bite it no teeth

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    I have a cool way of explaining it. Can't do it here, as Y! A community guidelines don't allow it!

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    Try checking out a porn movie to see how it's done.


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    1st n foremost, don't do it unless does it to you first. Then, just put it you mouth, {as far as you can, they love that} and suck. {be careful of teeth though, they hate that}

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