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I just got hung up on a help line...?

I felt very suicidal today because I m in this huge hole that I feel like I couldn't get out of. So I called the Kids Help Phone in Canada, I told them my problem and all they said is: well nothing I can help you with, go to sleep and good night! And then they hung up on me... I feel kind of awkward now.. like.. did they give up on me too? Do i really should just go die?

I had a problem with school because I couldn't concentrate and I was missing school because I couldn't sleep at night and couldn't wake up in the morning. I didn't go to all the classes all right.. and I didn't know how to go back to class. My classmates are laughing at me and my friend heard that one of my teachers was joking around with some of the kids that i was giving my bf a bl*wjob when i was not at school. And i feel horrible. I feel like i couldn't go back to school right now. That's why i called the line.. and i felt like the only way to avoid everything is to die, and yes i guess i was denying death cause i want to look for another way out. But if even the help line hung up on me.. do I really deserve to die?

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    You most definately do not deserve to die. Something to remember right away about these help lines is that they are run by everyday people. And as you have probably found out by this point in your life, random everyday people are often rude, unintelligent, uncaring, and unqualified for the job they have.

    What happened sounds like a very bad day indeed, but it's not your fault. Even not being able to sleep may be related to a simple chemical imbalance in your brain. These things are most definately not uncommon, and it doesn't mean that you're weird, or crazy, or anything like that. It just means that your brain chemicals were working slightly differently, and maybe just due to a bad night of sleep!

    Also important is that your teacher was most certainly not joking like that with a student. A teacher goes through years of college to get a job like the one they have and would lose it instantly if there was any solid evidence of this happening. From someone who has known teachers, take it from me, they will not risk their job over this. Your classmates were probably just teasing, and being insensitive, as they often are.

    I'm not sure how schools in Canada work, but here in the states, each school has a guidence counsellor of some sort. I would suggest making an appointment to see him/her confidentially. They cannot say anything at all, and will go over a big confidentiality clause with you. They are there only to help, and if you called a hotline, you are definately strong enough to be willing to accept the help.

    Just remember, what's going on isn't your fault, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't live, and that by going through this and coming out the other side of it alive, you'll be stronger than you'd ever thought possible. If you need anything else, feel free to email me. It's my screenname at

    Best wishes!

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    No, you don't deserve to die. Listen, people do care about you. I don't know you from Adam but I felt compelled to write you. I know how you feel because I've been there myself and I know there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. You might not have gotten around the bend in the track yet, and maybe that's why you don't see it, but it's there. Don't give up. Life always has a way of evening itself out and you will always have a friend when you need one. Your priceless and don't ever let anyone tell you differently. School's tough and can hurt so very much, but death hurts way more, and your death would hurt everyone that has and will respond. Remember we care about you and find you very worthy of life and all of the good that's in it.

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    Thats a very bad help line.Don't give up on yourself school is so tough and i know that the teaseing hurts i'v been there except it was teaseing about other things.....Teachers are A's all of them have problems and the realese on you if you dont that with your boy friend then you have nothing to be worried about and if you do Why the heck should they care it's your life!You need to live I know its hard and i know the feeeling of wanting to die but it's not right that your gonna give up like you should never ever give up your life because some loser dosent have a lifeeand has to make something up with you.So go out there and be the best you can be then when you make it big time go visit them and rub in thier faces.

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    No, nobody deserves to die. You're facing what you're facing now because you choose to. You can choose to either go back to school and face all the horrible things courageously and take an active stance to change your life, or u can continue wallowing in self-pity. Another alternative will be to change your school, change your environment. However, what good will that do? If the problem lies with you then no matter where you go, the problem will always exist. Change your life. Change yourself and you'll realise that everything around you gradually changes too. Instead of wasting time comtemplating death, why don't you spend time actively seeking for ways to change yourself and your environment?

    Maybe it's difficult to do that now. Try to get a good rest and sleep, like what the helpline said. With a fresh mind and body, you'll have the better energy to face whatever life challenges you. Good Luck!

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    No way!!! Of course you don't deserve to die! I understand how you feel, been there many times. No matter how hard it is to believe, things will always get better. And a help line that hangs up on ANYBODY who calls, they are the one's that need help. Can you talk to your parents at all, maybe the school counselor. Maybe you really need some attention and someone to talk to! Don't give up your life, hun. You will be okay, I promise!

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    Hey...don't give up on yourself! Number one! You are the most important one here. Shameful of what the helpline did. I remember once when I called them they had a new guy on the phone councelling me but he had to keep putting me on hold, and in essence told me what your guy told you, like "you'll be fine" and that was it.

    I got over that, and moved on with my life. That was a looonnng time ago. I want you to trust me that you will definiatly get through what you are going thru now. I know it is hard, but you know what? I can see your strength in yourself just by what you wrote.

    It is hard to fit in, and having people talk about you is hellish. I know 'cause I've been there.

    It sounds so cliche, but is there anyone you can talk to? How much do your parents know? I'll give you the standard, "talk to your parents" "talk to your guidance councelor" "talk to your priest". But, please feel free to email me and I would be happy to talk with you.

    If nothing else, at least you know you have friends here on this site!!! Right?!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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    you dont deserve to die your brave for geting help and addmiting your problems keep in there try chirstainity youll feel beter trust me hope you get beter forget those who opress you theres hope dont worry look at all the people who care for you and took there time to write soemthing for you we care about you

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    e-mail me.. i know what your going through! ok?

    no one deserves to die!

    Danielle xx

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    Beleive in yourself.

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