Should i get him back?

I was recently dating this boy for about a month and we broke up because he got back together with his ex. We got together because he felt he no longer loved his live in girlfriend and felt that taking care of her child (not his) and her drug habit was too costly. So I was there at the right time and place. He ended up cheating on his girl friend with me. Well he broke up with her & moved out. He recently called me to tell me he was going to work things out with her & get back together with her. This broke my heart. He said we never had a relationship and he hardly knew me, which is really just an excuse. I don't understand what to do, whether i should even try to get him back, especailly since we got in a HUGE fight when he said he was going to work things out with her. I loved him with all my heart and still do, but because of the fight i don't think we can ever mend.

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    do you really think you want he back????? if you had a sort of relationship and he forgot about that so fast you should better walk on with your life, I live in situation similar to yours I know what kind of damn hell it is...but I think and hope tomorrow Will be better, you will find yourself a better man to love.... believe me, it's hard I know, but believe it.....we both are going to have a terrible cristhmas but we have to go ahead!!

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    You won't be able to mend anything unless he comes back to you. There is really nothing you can do. If you force yourself on him then you become pathetic, if he has your number he should call you. It is hard not to check up when you are in love with someone but try not to. It will only hurt you more in the end. Give yourself some healing time before you date again.

  • Forget him & move on girl!

    This guy is obviously not the right one for you since he is already committed to someone else.

    He seems to still love this girl, which means there is no room for you in his heart.

    Don`t humiliate yourself by attempting to get him back either.

    You will eventually find someone more compatible & more suited to your personal longings, wishes & desires who will remain faithful to you, you`ll see!

    Good luck & Happy Holidays!!!

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    Forget about him. Find yourself another man. From what he just did, he is not worth it. It would be painful at first but it will heal.

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    Want to try a better new one?

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    ever heard the expressing, we reap what we sew ?

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