read details please. sick need opinions...?

ok i am 15 years old and i have been sick for about a week off and on. i am vomiting and my stomach hurts like crazy. it is like cramps but much worse. i went to the doctor and they said it was most likely the flu but im not so sure i dont have any other syptoms. does anyone have any other ideas of what it might be? i will have to go to the doctor again if it continues much longer. have any idea what it might be so i am more prepared. i am tired of worrying over what might be meds have helped.thanks

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    Stomach Pain in general is defined as a nonspecific symptom that may be associated with multitude of conditions. Some do not occur within the abdomen itself, but cause abdominal discomfort. As example I could give you stomach pain associated with strep throat. Off course that some conditions originate within the abdomen, but are not related to the gastrointestinal tract. Some other pains are related directly to the gastrointestinal tract. The severity of the pain does not always reflect the severity of the condition that might be possible cause of the stomach pains. Severe abdominal pain can be associated with mild conditions, such as stomach gas or the cramping of viral gastroenteritis. Otherwise, relatively mild or even no pain conditions may be present with severe and life-threatening conditions. Example of serious conditions with mild Stomach Pains are cancer of the colon or early appendicitis. That is true Stomach Pains have wide variety of diseases and disorders, which are sometimes hard to discover.

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    Your doc's probably right with no other symptoms- and if it's a virus, no medication's are going to help. There aren't really any stomach flu medications anyway. Just ride it out a longer but if it continues and get's worse, call up the doctor. Good luck, hope you feel better.

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    Yes it can be the flu. Also it can be food poisoning, intestinal occlusion, where your intestines are tied in a sort of knot, and other issues but not common in 15 year olds. The doctor will know best so go to him and don't wait anymore

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    there are some weird flu;s going around this friend had the flu;and was throwing -up sick ;for 2 probably got the same kind of flu bug.besure to drink lots of juices and try eating soup and crackers to help your stomach stay calm ;and keep your strength up. if your still ill in another 4or 5 days ;you better go to the doctor again,,,,,,,,good-luck and hang in there you;ll be better soom..

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    theres a lot goin round hun especially this ` vomiting bug` just drink lots of fluids and keep your hands clean. have plenty of rest, you may be stressed too . Your not pregnanat are you ?

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    You have to take complete checkup including scans and follow what the doctors say.

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    maybe you're pregnant.

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