What Should I wear tomorrow to a Party / Bastinado foot tortureSession?

okay im going to a party and a Bastinado/ foot tourutre session tomorrow evening so what should i wear also it will be at my girl friend house I Need wear shoes without socks too any suggestion also i lost a bet to my g/f so she is making me wear the winning outfit and she is gonna torture my poor feet at the party

what necklace, watch ,anklet, and toe ring should i wear also please choose a accessory

1. figaro

2. Rope

3. Black/Gery


5.Sterling Silver toe ring

6 Shell anklet

7. Brown anklet

here are the out fit choices

1. Black mesh Shorts

2. a Red Tank Top

3. Uga Hat

4. Old nike Shoes

5. a Watch


1. Cargo Shorts

2. A Navy Blue Sleevless Shirt

3. Regular Vans Skate Board Shoes

4. Shield Create Hat


1. Blue jeans

2. Maroon Sleevless Shirt

3. Nike Shox

4. Jsu Hat

or make me a out fit from what i have above

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  • john
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    1 decade ago
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    wear Red Tank Top

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