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Why is it so forbidden to know that the power of divinity eminates from the female, not the church of men?

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    Because most all the large organized religions are masculine in emphasis, and the Divine Female is seen as older, more "primitive" and therefore less appropriate. Still, it is obvious enough to those who are able to think about it without taboo. Life emanates from the female, as quickened by the male. Clearly, both are necessary, but the female is the obvious one, the male the hidden one.

    Ever wonder how many centuries ago it was when man "discovered" the details of how babies are conceived and born? I mean, how recently were people deceived about it? Otherwise, how could such a lack of respect for women ever have developed?

    There is much which seems to have been lost in our history. We learn all about big battles between one culture and another, but where in our history is the story of how the Great Mother lost her place? It was very long ago in some areas, but more recently in others.

    And some of us continue to worship Mother Earth even today.

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    It is not forbidden as such . Just frowned upon as we are living in a patriarchal society. Which means that everything is thought of as coming from the masculine rather than the feminine.

    Almost all societies have switched back and forth between Matriarchal and Patriarchal Societies through the ages. and both by themselves have made a complete mess of things.

    Source(s): the history of mankind on Earth.
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    The word you are looking for is emanates (not eminates).

    I'm not sure if it is forbidden. I'm also not sure if it is true.

    The power of divinity is within each soul. There is no gender in soul. Gender is only in the human (physical) body.

    Peace be with you!

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    If that were believed by most people it would mean that the churches of men would loose the power which they currently have, along with that their revenue streams.

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  • J.
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    From revelation, specifically christian revelation. The power of divinity is God's. God is spirit and he/she/it did not reveal his/her/its gender. God may have a gender, he/she/it did not tell us.

    You may have another revelation which states otherwise, but I am limited to the words of the prophets (both male and female).

    Source(s): Christian bible.
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    the power of divinity doesnt eminate from any form of the human race. it comes from GOD

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    Its not fobbiden, just wrong.

    I Cr 13;8


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    Because it's a threat to the church.

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    Males ruled the world for so long and it scares the heck out of them that women are showing How strong they are.

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    Why would you believe that? Did Dan Brown totally teach you everything you think about religion and history? Thou art a dumb bunny, if so.

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