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how can i send an email?

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    click on the button that says "compose" then after u make an email click "send" on the top left corner.

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    Email Basics:

    If you are at the Yahoo! Home Page:

    >Go to your email box (left click on 'Mail', under 'Hi, YourName', or 'My Mail', under the big Yahoo! sign)

    >left click on the 'Compose' button (upper left of your image, or the big word 'Inbox' if you are in your inbox)

    >type your main message in the big compose area

    >point your mouse and left click in the 'Subject:' area (just above the big compose area)

    >type in the subject of your message (this will appear next to your name at the recipients end inbox)

    >point your mouse and left click in the 'To:' area (top narrow white bar)

    >type in the e-mail address of your recipient/recipients (example of and e-mail address -

    Note: You can send to multiple addresses if you separate them with a comma.

    >point your mouse and left click the 'Send' button (slightly up and left)

    You can practice sending e-mails to yourself, just use your e-mail address.

    There are lots more features for e-mailing, just ask.

    Have Fun!

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