physics question about forces, graphs, and velocities?

ok, so when you are graphing a force vs. velocity graph, what is significant about the slope? what about when its force vs. velocity squared graph?plz and thank you.

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    Position-Time: Slope is velocity d/t=V

    Velocity-Time:Acceleration because V/t=A

    Force-Acceleration:Mass beacause F/a=mass

    Velocity-Force: remeber F/a=mass=F/v(1/s)

    because acceleration is velocity per second or V/s

    So it is probably (mass*1/time) is its slope, or mass per second


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    The slope of the line on a Force Vs velocity graph should give you the force vs velocity squared function (note m/s^2 = acceleration). The slope is the derivative, and the derivative of velocity is acceleration. So, this means that mass seems to be the constant of proportionality between force and acceleration, or F=ma. I'm assuming you're experimenting with the F=ma equation where you are to compare force between different amounts of mass being accelerated. Hope this helped.

    Source(s): Giancoli + Physics for Scientists and Engineers
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    Use the dimensional formula.

    First case:

    Force / velocity = {ML/ T*T}/ {L/T} = M/T.

    Slope gives mass per unit time.

    Second case:

    Gives mass per unit length.

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