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waht is the weather like are there Tornado's and hurricanes if yes how Bad does it get?

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    San Antonio can get severe weather, but its unusual. We have had tornadoes in the city, but hurricanes generally don't make it this far inland. (We are 150 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.)

    San Antonio's worst weather problem is flash flooding, which is worse in the hillier parts of the city. It's pretty easy to avoid drowning, though. Just avoid going out when there are flooding problems.

    Winters are fairly mild. Snow is extremely rare, but has happened. It can get down into the 20's or teens but that's pretty unusual.

    Back in 1987 we had a hurricane (Gilbert) that reached as far as San Antonio, but had deteriorated to a severe thunderstorm by the time it got here. We had about 23 identified tornadoes, most of which didn't touch down.

    Lots of rain, but we are much too high for storm surge, which is the main killer in a hurricane.

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    I never heard of a tornado or hurricane in San Antonio. Hurricanes are on the gulf coast. The weather gets real hot and dry in the summer.

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    it is a physical impossibility to have tornadoes and hurricanes. San Antonio does not have either.

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    No hurricanes-but we get our fair share of storms in the spring and summers, as long as were not in a drought.Normally it's beautiful here!!

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    no hurricanes here but plenty of tornadoes in spring and sometimes in the fall. (Indiana)

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    No severe weather here, just that Texas heat!!

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