Is a 5.0 megapixel camera better than a 6.0 or 7.0 megapixel?

I want to buy a canon dgital camera... But i am confused with the megapixels thing... In this case, does fewer megapixels means better pictures?

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    in theory, yes, bigger count of pixels = sharper image & good lookin photos. Your digital pics r made of millions of pixels, and the more of them, the sharper your pic will be and less noise is visible specially in low light situation.

    However, dont judge on Megapixel count alone, as other factors like the chip (CCD/CMOS), the size of the chip, processing engine (like Canon's DIGIC II for example), lens also contribute. But if u r going to buy a Canon, Sony, Panasoni, or Nikon, rest assured as cameras frm these big players r proved to be good. I personally like Canon, for its vivid n warm color reproductions.

  • Rando
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    The more megapixels, the bigger the print you can make from the images. If you want to print 8X10's, you should have at least a 5 mega pixel camera, but 6-8 mp would be better. Think 10-12 mp for 10X17 shots.

    The downside of more megapixels (yes Mary, there is a downside) is the stored images take more space. If you email your pictures to a lot of people, you chew up a lot more bandwidth, and you friends with slower internet connections start to ask you to kindly not send any more pictures (unless you take the time to edit the pictures to a more reasonable size, which takes time and effort.)

    Watch out for the manufacturers that claim more megapixels though "digital zoom": it means the cameras don't capture as many pixels as they claim, but they boost the count by "interpolation." The image quality of interpolated photos isn't very good.

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    No, fewer USUALLY indicates lesser quality images, but not necessarily. If all other comparisons of the cameras are equal, then the MORE megapixels the better.

    The better question is the optics / lens. If you have a lens with optical zoom, the more the better. Digital zoom is really just enlarging the pixels. And a quality lens is also a better buy - Zeiss for example, are top notch lenses and come with a lot of the Sony cameras. While the higher megapixels will allow you to print a larger image, the better lens will give you a clearer picture to start with.

  • Bob
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    It can be. It depends on sensor size and quality, in camera processing, and lens quality. If you are in the DSLR realm, generally the megapixel rating is a fair, but not definitive, guide. If not, you'll have to narrow down what your budget will allow and do research on various models at Steves Digicams, DCResource and other review sites.

    Small sensor digicams with high pixel count can suffer from sensor noise. Many manufacturers are putting megapixel count above image quality. They're selling megapixels not cameras.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You want the camera with the highest number of megapixels.

    A 7 megapixel has more definition (clearer pics) than a 5 megapixel.

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    there are other things more imortant then megapixels

    i suggest coming up with a price you want to spend and look at the camera reviews of ones in that price range... just because it has 10 megapixels dont mean its better for you... are you going to be printing any 19x27 inch pictures?

    -if they are biger pictures then thats less photos you can take

    -do you have a card reader? if you do get a camera that uses that card

    -also look for image stabilizer...its helpful whatever the megapixel

    take a look at the reviews of some of the sites i listed in the sources area

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    The higher the mega pixels the better the pictures you will get.

    Another thing is that not only the camera but also the one who is taking the pictures.

  • Anonymous
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    Bigger is Better. I buy my cameras like I like my men. Bigger megapixels and I like nikon cause they are black.

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