I would like to buy a home theater system (7.1) With HD DVD player.Specify a product name for me?


THX Ultra II

Dolby-latest version

DTS-latest version

SRS-latest version

Creative EAX-latest version

and RMS would minminum >1000 Watts

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    1 decade ago
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    Okay, here's what I would put on your short list...

    - 1080p HDTV: Sony Bravia XBR (choose the preferred size)

    - HD DVD Player: Toshiba HD-XA2 (2nd gen. 1080p player)

    - 7.1 Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR1000 (modular and upgradable)

    - 7 Speakers: Silverline Audio Preludes & Center Stage

    - 2 Subwoofers: Hsu Research VTF-3 w/Turbocharger

    H a p p y

    H o m e

    T h e a t e r i n g !

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    With all due respect to Fabio, Bose and Pioneer are hardly the best brands you can find for home theater..both are barely entry level. Pioneer has a reciever that is certified THX Ultra2 but Bose won't pass even entry level THX specs, nevermind Ultra 2 specs which are the most stringent.

    If you are looking for a THX Ultra 2 certified speaker package, the best of the bunch is probably the Klipsch THX Ultra 2 system. I've demo'd and installed most of the Ultra 2 packages out there and that one is consistently the most impressive. There are speaker packages that go well beyond THX Ultra 2 spec, but they tend to be for larger commercial spaces and are well beyond the scope of most people's budget.

    The electronics..there are many. Denon, Marantz, Pioneer Elite, Parasound Halo, Bryston (my personal favorite).

    I'd recommend working with a theater designer who can help you tailor a system specifically for your needs.

    Source(s): Designing and selling Home Cinema systems for 26 years. www.thesoundbroker.com
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    Check out NAD or Outlaw Audio for your Processor.With both of these products you are getting even power to all 7 channels. Dont be fooled by 110 watts per channel. It isnt RMS.For your speakers you need to audition your local hi fi shops. A good store will let you return your speakers at no charge if you dont like them. Speakers sound different in your home. Energy, Klipsh, or Paradigm, to name a few. The Toshiba HD player is a good choice. Make sure your TV accepts a 1080P signal. Alot of them say 1080P, but dont accept 1080P. Good luck to ya.

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    Well , here is what I'm doing with my media room (which should be complete around April of this year).

    Media room - 15' x 19'6"

    * TV - Sharp Aquos - 46" or 52" (great value, 1080p over component and hdmi)


    * AV Receiver - NAD T773 (I decided to not go with the pre amp and seperates, I think this baby will have plenty of power for me)


    * Speakers - 7.1 setup - Ascend Acoustics (great value - 340's fronts and 170's all around)


    DVD/CD/Music - I'm using a combination of my pc (dual core, 3GB RAM, hdcp video card, etc.), xbox 360 and xbox 360 hd dvd drive to play back my music (pc is now a dvd audio player), dvd's (standard dvd's in pc drive) and hd dvd's using the xbox add on (if my processor can handle it , I'll connect it through the pc to get dolby truehd sound, otherwise it connects to the xbox 360).

    My pc has an audigy 2 zs platinum sound card....I'll soon have an ati 1900x series card in there as well.

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    1 decade ago

    for starters you cannot get a whole package deal.... htib.... you will have to piece this together ....i will tell you the reciever you can get but then you need to pick out speakers and the hd dvd player ..... but theres only 2 hd dvd players hd-xa1 and the hd-a1

    denon avr-4806ci

    denon avr-5805mk2

    lexicon rv-8

    onkyo tx-nr1000

    yamaha rx-z9

    you are looking at about 3-7 k for just the reciever and about 500 for the hd dvd player.... hope this helps you out...

    Source(s): i am a home theater specialist
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    Get Creative Sound Blasters (they rnt bad bt they r cheaper than others)

    The best brands for sound systems are Bose and Pioneer (they are the most expansive you can find)

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    4 years ago

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