if my folder is share, it is possbile to any other person access my system & read my notepad what I'm write or

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Its depend on the accessible option you set for the folder. It has 3 options: 1) Read only, 2) Full, 3) Depends on password.

    try one of it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    there must be something like a permission option to who it will be shared

    ithink this will be shared to everyone by default but can be changed to some secific users or user groups .. on windows you can edit this groups or users or both in the controllpannel>computermanagement (or similar)

    also you can edit ther your shared folders and give to eachone some custom permissions for some users or groups

    there are also some shared system folders like C$ and some XY$ this you should not change because windows need it

    just edit your custom shared folders permissions

    so until here noone cansee what youare typing in notepad (or else)

    but if you save what you have typed, in to a shared folder all users with permission to that folder can read what you have typed and saved to this folder.

    so if you wanna hidde something dont save it inm shared folders

    and if you wanna share your stuff so put it in a shared folder wehre you can edit to who you wanna share it

    in folder options there is also something about advanced user permission (or similar its one of the last points) put this on so this permission thing will be editable more specific ;)

    hope this helps you

    the other thing is Remote Controll .. this is a other thing and with it it is possible to see imeadiatly what some users are typin or dooing ... but this is a other thing

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you gave them your administator password and saved the textfile in the shared folder then yes it is possible.

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