What makes a marriage stay strong?

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    Being best friends. You don't always have time for sex and cute-sy things...but being best friends forces you to be honest and respect each other for what the other is. Think about your best friend in high school... you didn't try to change them... you just accepted them. I think the same holds true in marriage.

    I find doing little things through the day is a great way to show support for the other.. like sending text messages, putting notes in a lunch, have water fights..things like that--When you're married, it's so easy to forget to keep on having fun and to be proactive about showing love... to think about where in your spouse's day might they be stressed, then ask, can I maybe do something to help it? (That's why I'm a fan of notes..silly ones of course:))

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    My husband and I have been married for over 10 years (yea for us!) and the thing that has worked best for us is that we never stopped dating each other. Every single Friday night of our marriage (and occasionally an additional night during the week) we go out to dinner and then some activity like a movie or shopping or whatever. We have so much fun together. It really helps break up the monotony of the week and it reminds us to spend time just concentrating on us. Plus, he is always such a gentleman all the time. He is always opening my car door or carrying my bags in from the car or whatever. That really helps, too.

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    Most relationships will usually take a nosedive after marriage. That occurs usually due to the lack of romance, and the effort taken to understand each other. My marriage was terrible at the beginning, with the both of us quarrelling everyday! Communicating with her is like trying to get through to a teenager! But I still believe that with the right method of communication, almost anything can be solved. A marriage can remain strong when both respect each other, know one's boundaries, and try to be selfless, that is doing things with no strings attached. Hope that you can succeed where I have failed

  • Trust and a TON of patience.... and love. People should realize that storybook love isn't real, but to make a relationship work some form of feeling should be there for one another, but patience is the most important aspect in a marriage.

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  • There are a number of elements that makes a marriage stay strong.

    Fidelity to each other. The determination to live together in good times and bad times.

    Genuine love. Desire to get to know each other and to appreciate each other.

    Spirit of sacrifice. Openness to accept the challenges of life without running away.

    Being true to oneself. A husband has his own convictions and values and a wife has her own. The courage to stick on is a must to keep marriage strong.

    Respect and concern for each other. A gradual passage from I love you, you love me, I need you, you need me to we love each other, we need each other

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    finding a woman who cooks, cleans, washes dishes, lets me watch football all day on sunday, she does the laundry, cleans cars, pays the bills, puts on lingerie.

    These are the keys to a long good marriage, don't let no one tell you different. Don't marry some high maintenance yuppie either. marry an old school chick.

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    Working at things together. Giving in to silly arguements even when you KNOW you're right, finding time to do things together, and falling in love with the person your spouse has become (because we all change over time)

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    humor. ignoring the bad things. ignoring alot of things in fact. just keeping your mouth shut and listening. have sex even if you dont feel like it. travel together as much as you can. be willing to do the things that the other wants to do. dont be selfish and put yourself in their shoes. take care of them when there sick or when their sad. support them at all times.

    its alot of work. but it can be done. dont ever give up

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    One word: Compromises.

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    Faithfulness to each other no matter what and in all things.

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