scrapping the csa?

everybody seems to bang on about the fathers who dont pay maintanance, well, what about the mothrers who use the csa out of malice, just to make life hard for the non resident father. nobody decent really wants the csa in their life, ok i understand some mothers need them or they get nothing, my ex wife is using the csa as a weapon for waging her own brand of melicious vindictive disillusioned retribution. i may not like my ex wife very much, thats why shes an ex wife, happiness is not part of her vocabulary. she uses my daughter to get at me, uses every means she can to " get back at me" and using the csa is just the latest way, having them rifle through my personal life. i am a good non resident father but the csa is only geared up to serve one person, the mother who contacts them. ive read how the australian joint nz csa works and the uk csa must be more like that, how it is now, they are wide open to exploitation from women like my ex wife, anybody with a similar story out there

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    1 decade ago
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    not yet... i'll see how my neighbors situation goes...

  • 4 years ago

    you have have been given the youngster, you look after it, so why issue concerning to the sperm donor? ignore he exists, which sounds as though it may be the suitable element for the two you and your youngster, and you'll be able to't be any worse off in case you have never won any money contained in direction of the CSA besides! Get your self a greater useful earnings and do it for your self, that way whilst the ineffective piece of turd turns up keeping his fatherly emotions, you are able to slam the door in his face with a sparkling judgment of right and incorrect... worked for me!

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