Black female hair care?

I am a black.What do you black females do with your hair,is it permed,natural,hot combed?How do you keep it good?I had natural thick black people hair and a lot of it,then I permed it,and now its real long and i still have a lot of it. Do you think I should go back natural or stay this way.It isn't damaged or anything.I just keep getting so much new growth and everyone thinks its nice permed.I should've never permed it

If I leave it permed,what are some hairstyles besides a ponytail that I could put it in?


I feel weird with it permed,I miss my braids,but i'm in high school.What do you think?

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    same here...I feel weird with my hair straight....just look threw the black hair magazine...they have alot of nice styles in there

    if you are more confortable with it natural...then do it...BUT it will be a LONG process you will have to grow your hair out...and will have to keep it in braids or something until it completely grows out... and you'll have to make sure your hair NEVER dries out...

    OR you can have your hair waves =]...if you texturized you hair...yoiu can put some mousse in will take a while for the curls to look'll have to keep doing it for a good sister does...and it looks soo good

    oh and you shouldn't have your hair pulled back so're forehead will grow...if you know what I mean...I wear my hair down when I put my hair in hairline is nice and be careful

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    properly before each and everything i imagine a large false impression with maximum black women and protecting their hair is they could't use "non-black" hair products. some issues are of direction no longer large for African American hair yet don't be afraid to locate and attempt diverse products. also once you've been making use of the same product for in many cases more beneficial than 2 months instantly your hair will develop into information against it so it doesnt artwork the way it once did. discover 2 or 3 products you adore and turn it up each and every few months. i exploit Biolage hydratherapie and that is definitely astounding, it is going to offer your hair a very silky experience yet with out being greasy looking. Garnier also makes conditioners and moisturizers for chop up ends that are large! if you're not any further a specialist hair stylist that is in all likelihood you're not any further giving your self a perfect hair reduce. at the same time as this occurs you're not any further getting all of your chop up ends and your hair is persevering with to dry out. you may flow get your hair professionally reduce once a month and if its too severe priced flow once another month, its properly worth it in case you do not opt for to could lessen off that appropriate hair in a twelve months bc its all useless and uneven. sturdy success!

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    im not black... lol

    but i was in cosmetology and we do learn bout all different ethnicities of hair care.

    either way....i dont think t matter whether you perm it or not....i think it looks good both ways...

    but you take LESS chance damaging it if you keep it natural.

    besides a pony tail... you could try a head-band every once in a while....

    try jus puttin twist on one side of ya head... let tha rest be curly n wavy...or half way round....i kno u kno wat im talkin bout....even everyonce in a while get some extentions or sum'um ta spice it up...try a few highlights...but some thing that still looks natural.

    if u have longer hair....try puttin layers in give it some volume n life...

    but well hope i help u out alil bit ther.

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    My hair is permed, and my hair is past my shoulder. I apply an hair dressing to my hair and scalp twice a week and message it in. I use an hair dressing that contains natural herbs and vitamins and minerals. I also use a oil sheen hair spray to my hair before styling every morning. I don't use rubber bands on my hair. Also don't over comb and brush your hair, this causes your hair to stretch and break off. I also do not use heated hair appliance to my hair. Shampoo your hair every 7 to 10 days. Our hair does not need to be shampooed and conditioned every week. That ruins our hair and we loose our natural oils in our hair. I wet set my hair. For permed hair styles is the same hair styles for pressed hair. Just buy you some plastic, magnetic rollers with the smooth barrel and roll up your hair every night. Or wrap your hair up and wear it straight. Or just roll your hair up half way up and wear loose bouncy curls or roll up the ends for loose cursl. There are a lot of hair styles for relax hair.

    I wear my hair in sprial curls on the week days and wear loose curls on the weekends.

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    There should be no problem with you hair abiet you are black. You must be having stronger hair than other white coloured women. Nice to meet you.

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