How to connect 2 laptops together for gaming?

My friend and I want to connect our laptops together to play games such as Halo and Total War. What is the best and cheapest way to do this. I know it can be done with wireless routers, but is that all that is needed, and is that the best way to do it. I want to host a lan party for about 4 to 6 friends and need to know if there will be any lag with a wireless network, or is it advisable to do it with a wired connection. what are the best wireless and wired hardware needed for a small lan party and will a router be the only peice of hardware needed for this. everyone has new laptops so they all have wireless cards.

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    wireless is plenty fast enough. you can find a netgear router/switch at walmart for $40. that's all you need assuming everyone in your lan party has wi-fi. those that don't, can plug a hard wire into the router as well, most of them have 4-5 ports.

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    There are two quick options

    a) Have a wireless router

    b) Have a wired Network hub.

    The data transfer in the wired mode is definitely much higher than in the wireless mode. We are talking here of a difference of a multiplication factor of say upto 20 i.e. the wired one being able to transfer 20 times the data than a wireless one.

    Usually a wireless n/w will suffice for gaming. I have tried upto four players on laptops for Quake-3 and we had no problems. But if the games are more intensive in graphics than you might find screen refresh problems. Like playing NFS might be an issue.

    The best thing to do so would be to buy a router which caters to both needs. Since as we all know the comfort of wireless n/w is something hard to let go by. what i am suggesting here is to pick up a wireless router which also has facility for wired connections. Ex: Linksys WRT54G, Netgear WGR614. These routers not only allow you to have a wireless network but also support wired ones and cost less than 40$.

    So if in case your wireless n/w data transfer is not able to cater to the data speed requirements of the game, you could simply wire them all to the router to setup a wired LAN and enjoy much higher data transfer speeds.

    Hope this solves ur problem.


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    Wireless is fine. There is no cost to Adhoc. There is minimal cost and ease of configuration with a router/access point. Gaming does not require high transfer rates. It's more important to have low latency. Latency is usually not an issue for small LANs and should continue to be low even with less than excellent wirless signals. Most games work over Internet connections, so any fairly decent LAN should be more than adequate. Games typically do not send video or images between players. The network traffic only consists of the communication to coordinate movement and interaction between players. Some games are sending voice chat from players which also requires low latency and very little bandwidth.

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    Wireless is enough. You do not need Wire. Because laptops are near each other. If the number of laptops is low, You can config laptops' WLan as AdHoc in their configs. In this situation you do not need any Router. I think this is the cheapest way.

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    macs are constantly quicker hehe you need to connect the two so which you 2 ought to play jointly over the community, yet once you're speaking approximately attempting to combine the processors of the two, those machines extremely arent designed for that. There isnt a solid adequate connection, it may be to sluggish to commute around the twine.

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    I think you need to have that wire thingy... that's all I know sorry

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