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If u could see 5 bands live, what would thay be?

Im just wondering thats all. I would see Green Day, (my fav band ever!!) then see The Network, MCR, Panic At The Disco, and 30 Seconds To Mars, that would be my pic. whats yours??

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    1. Agnostic Front

    2. Metallica from the 80's

    3. Flogging Molly ( best live show ever)

    4. Johnny cash live from folsom prison

    5. The clash

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    i would love to see a lot of bands live.....but if i had to pick i would say.

    Fall Out Boy

    Panic! at the Disco

    Taking Back Sunday

    My Chemical Romance

    The Days Grace

    The Academy Is...

    30 Seconds To Mars

    and a went over 5 but i could go on and on

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    1. 3 Doors Down

    2. U2

    3. Panic at the disco

    4. Metallica

    5. The Fray

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    Eric Sardinas Band, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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    1) Linkin Park

    2) Relient K

    3) Queen!

    4) 30 Seconds to Mars

    5) Evanescence

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    Pink Floyd

    The Who

    King Crimson


    Ekoostik Hookah

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  • There are definitely more than 5 bands I would love to see live, but to name a few…



    3.Band of horses

    4.The Strokes

    5.Built to Spill

    Also, a band I would have love to have seen when they were together is The Pixies.

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    Id say Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Stripes, Led Zeppelin (If they were still a band), Panic at the Disco and either: ACDC, Aerosmith, or Blur (i cant decide)

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    1. OASIS ( that will be a dream come true)

    2. Dashboard Confessionals

    3. Snow Patrol

    4. Interpol

    5. Taking Back Sunday

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    1. Panic! at the Disco

    2. Panic! at the Disco

    3. Panic! at the Disco

    4. Panic! at the Disco

    5. Panic! at the Disco

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