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The win-win idea originated with whom and from when?

or you may give me some introduction to some similar philosophy/economic theories (some old sayings are also ok)

thanks very much!!


what i want to konw is who firstly create this phrase(win win) or sililar sayings

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    If you mean the idea of free trade, it originated for the first time in the book of Adam Smith - The Wealth of Nations, in 1786 if I'm not wrong.

    However, a clearer vision of world trade as a win-win game was given later by David Ricardo, who explained well how the all nations involved in trade benefit from it.

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    I'm sure this has been lost in history. It may not have been written down as a concise idea, but I'm sure even the cavemen had a notion of it when one caveman traded a piece of food for a sharpened stick or bone knife, etc. Both knew they were benefiting by trading something they didn't need very much, for something they needed more.

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