from which number 12100 divide to make is perfect square and wht is its easy way tu find.?

kindly tell me the method that how the number obataind by which other number divide or multiplyied to make it perfect square.....

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    Divivng by 100 makes it 121..which is square of 11

    For this question i dont think you need any method..its just the familiarity with numbers that make it easy or hard

  • Neil
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    To find a perfect square, you need to check for prime factors of a number and then check the number which if removed give you perfect squares

    assume we start with 116

    116 = 58*2=29*2^2 : Thats the prime factors of 116

    So dividing 116 by 29 gives 4 which is a perfect square

    For the number that you are mentioning, you can do this

    12100 = 121 * 100 = 11^2 * 10^2 = 110^2

    So 12100 is already a perfect square and the number you need to divide it by can be 1

    Hope this helps

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    To find out whether the given number is a perfect square or not, and If not, with what number (min) it should be multiplied or divided to make it a perfect square, we have to use method of factorisation. If you write all the prime factors of the given number, the number of repetitions of each factor shall be even to make the given number a perfect square.

    For ex : To find whether 72 is a perfect square, and if not, how to make it a perfect number ....

    72 = 9 x 8 = 3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2

    Here, 3 is repeated twice .... even times .... so OK.

    2 is repeated thrice .... odd times .... so the given number 72 is NOT a perfect square.

    To make it a perfect square, the number of 2s in the factorisation shall be made even i.e. twice or four times. So, either one 2 shall be removed or one shall be added. i.e. 72 shall be multiplied by 2 of divided by 2 to make it a perfect square. If multiplied, it becomes 144 and if divided, it becomes 36 .... and these two are perfect squares.

    I really don't understand what you are asking about 12100. This number is a perfect square. 12100 = 2 x 2 x 5 x 5 x 11 x 11 = 110^2

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    Step 1 :

    Factorise the number 12100

    12100= 11x11x2x5x2x5

    Step 2:

    Select pair numbers and write down one of them


    There for 110 is the the perfect quare of 12100

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    The easiest way is to use the Sci Calculator with Sq Root function.

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    u divide the number by four

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