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command prompt?

I have a japanese os. Some of the folders are named in Japanese. In command prompt, how can move from to those folders, I cannot type japanese there.

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    Use this commands:

    dir -> list your folders & files from the current path (ex: c:\folder);

    cd .. -> change folder up to one level

    cd \ -> go to the root

    cd FOLDER -> change the folder to FOLDER

    If you have XP, in command prompt is easy because when you type a command, and then you hit the TAB kay, it autocompletes with the name of the folders. Hit the TAB key again until you get the right folder.

    Example: you are in the C:\FOLDER and here you have 2 JAPANES-NAMED folder ^_75 and 9$`2 (can't write in Jpanes here). In command prompt you will have o do:

    c:\FOLDER>cd (press TAB key)

    c:\FOLDER>cd ^_75 (press ENTER to enter or TAB for the next folder)

    c:\FOLDER\^_75> (now you are here ;))

    If you want to make a batch scipt, it is more difficult.

    Type HELP FOR in your command promp and you will find more about manipulating folders from batch scipts.

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