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how can you recover from truamatization?

my friend...is literally truamatized by seeing her dad doing it with his new wife...how can she recover or how can i help?

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    You don't mention how old your friend is so giving you steps in which direction to go is kind of hard.

    If you have been unsuccessful in helping your friend and there is noone else she can confide in and you feel she is truely truamatized, she probably should discuss this with a professional person. Without going into detail, her medical doctor could probably give her a referral to a Therapist who can help her.

    Good Luck honey, you sound like a very good friend!!!

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    If someone is traumatised, it may be something that needs to be talked about with a counsellor or therapist. It's definitely good to affirm what she's feeling. Too many people just brush off feelings of people that have gone through a traumatic event. This can make some people think that it's 'wrong' to have these bad feelings such as being scared or angry etc. Negative feelings need to be dealt with in a healthy way. If you bury negative feelings alive, they never die, they will just continue to plague you and affect the way you feel and think. I hope this helps.

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