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Hard disk problem help meee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I have Maxtor 60GB hard disk....

Now when i turn on the machine...after a random makes a noise as "Tick". then machine gets stuck...And no way to get it back without restarting...

I think just hard disk turned off suddenly like a power failure...

But Then i restart the machine using restart button....

It asks to scan the partition D. Now it asks everytime i turn on the machine. I'm using updated NOD 32 anti virus....

Please tell me what has happened to my machine and Tell me a software which can show the hard disk's health......

That means I need to check whether I have bad sectors in my hard disk...Please tell me a software which can do it.

Thnx in advanced.....................

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    ok ok ok same thing happened to me and i correctly it 100% effictevily

    the things show that there is some power fluction of electricity and so ur mother board dose not get the proper power so u need to do both or atleast one thing

    1 = add some power stabalizer to ur computer and make things ok

    2 = otherwise u need to un plug the hardware <some of them > which u do not use like cd drive and dvd drive and zip disk and other storage devices or u can use ur moniter with some extra plug and diffrent plug for computer and use min power usage sound cards and vedio cards and outputs

    if cars are built in then u do not need to do that they alrady use less power

    do it i hope it will correct ur problem

    ok for a software u can use "bad sector remover " but there is no software which can undo or remove the bad sectors in "real"

    becouse bad sectors are not software but they are real bad things happend to drive

    to show helth i used ........ sorry for got (my old computer is not sorking currently and i came here to solv my problem and trying to help u also)

    well .....use my stratigy to make ur hard drive work and if u still want to count bad sectors then use windows built in software which come with window and a little handy

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    Usual problem with Maxtor harddisk, actually there's no bad sector in the harddisk, only power failure cause. Maxtor are low quality hard disk, they use thin cylinder so it usually crush down. My advice is buy a better one try Seagate (barakuda), and back-up your files right away from your maxtor to avoid total crushing down in the future.

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    specific, yet is a million TB needed for a workstation? a million terabyte workstation no longer ordinary drives are costly, and are particularly uncommon because of the fact the familiar public of notebooks those days regularly have around 500 GB (and that's adequate for many purchasers). i could withhold spending that lots and as a substitute opting a 320 GB or 500 GB force as a substitute. by some potential I doubt you will use an entire terabyte -- in case you like that lots storage, you may desire to get an exterior no longer ordinary force to develop your workstation. exterior drives make reliable backup recommendations. in the adventure that your workstation is stolen (or is dropped on concrete) you will no longer could desire to undertaking approximately dropping all your records -- you have a backup someplace else.

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    May be the harddisc is defective. I can give you a link that deals with hard drive problems. Some RAM/ hard drive problems can be easily fixed yourself by using easily available tools. I found the info at useful

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    do u see a hole on the hard drive get a toothpick or something smal enuf to fit into it and put it in and it should pop right out u dont need any software at all also if u want a good antivires program get trend micro they dont pay people to make vireses that why i dont use norten

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    Sounds like you have a fault on your Hard disk and it is 'dieing'.

    Get any important data off it Now!

    Buy a new disk if you can and replace it.

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    Sounds like the stylus in the hard drive is hangin up! Might be time for a new drive!

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    the best and oldest way to check and repair ur HDD urself is DOS. through bootable dos cd start scandisk on all partitions it automatically markl bad sectors and possibley repair ur problem

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