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do u think its fated? soulmate?

i got to know this guy recently and i only found out that we were actually in nursery school together.. same class !! coz in the were looking through old photographs togehter and in a class photos he was just rite beside me ..and to imagine we were close and played together when we were younger...

its been like 20+ years before we met again as we are both working around the same area now and only recently he approached me .. coz he felt some kind of connection when he 1st saw me ... but he was not sure..he told me he was searching for me all these years..

is he for real?? any thoughts


yeah aning i find his lines quite cheesy .. but it makes me giggle for no reason

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    I dont know but its really cool :)

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    the line that he used is way to cheesy , but its actually sweet so its not easy to just dismiss it, it could be something, but its not fated, and its not a soulmate type of story that i would agree too, if he was a soulmate of yours it would be deeper than that, it could be more of just accidental, and he remembered you , and saw that you have potential , it could just be a sweet pick up line, im not telling you to not give him a chance, im telling you not to get carried away, and still be critical , yet have a good time with him

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    u'll know all zis when u get 2 know z guy much more..he can b a flirt 2!

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