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String Tension?

Is there an advantage to having your horizontal and vertical strings at different tensions versus having them strung at the same, and if so what?

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    It also depends on your string pattern. I would not adjust the tension on a 18x20 frame, but if you have the a-typical 16x20 (only 16 mains), I would bump up the mains 5 lbs to account for the tension losses (the mains are long and lose quite a bit of tension during and immediately after the string job) and to balance the frame pressures. The crosses also lose tension from friction on the mains when stringing, so the crosses end up looser than the machine tension anyway, but there are more of them so it is a subjective calll on what tensions to use to keep the frame balanced. It also depends on the type of string, some hold tension better than others. For a soft string or solid core single wrap, i suggest the crosses at your recommended tension and then bump up the mains 5 lbs on a 16x20 frame. You can play around with the tension tool (see link below) but keep in mind this tool is calibrated for 17g natural gut, so the values on any other string are more for monitoring changes in tension and differences in tension across the stringbed, it does not give the actual tension, it will be off by some value, but it is a wonderful tool for checking loss of tension with use/time and differences in tension from one main to the next or one racquet to the next if using a similar type of string.

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    Stringing the horizontal and vertical strings at the same tension gives you a more uniform feel. But if you string them at different tensions you will get more spin, because the difference will create spin.

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    tennis string cautioned tension is strictly that. cautioned. the companies who produce those strings understand the wonderful tensions they are stung at to offer the wonderful longevity. a sturdy high quality string won't smash actually if tightened to seventy 5 or maybe 80 lbs. however this is 10lbs bigger than the utmost cautioned tension. with the point to respond to your question the string wont smash maximum surprising away yet will in destiny because of the fact the strain does not in fantastic condition one in each of those racquet.

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    Usually the vertical ones will be the last to break so you can afford to string them a little tighter.

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    if in a low tension like 60 on horizontal 50 on vertical still acceptable.. but it might be loosing ur frame due to that... Frame crack possibility will be higher... not a good thing to do so..

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    Cross strings are shorter than main strings in length. So I would suggest you stringing 2 pounds less in cross strings!


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