new job: SALES ENGINEER Im a any suggestions, good websites, books, material???

I have accepted a new position as a sales engineer...its basically a technical sales role thats all. But, Im a lil nervous about giving presentations to VPs and big management guys at other companies. Is there any resources out there that you really suggest? And please to turn me to I have no idea what Im getting into please help me out here. Thank you so much.

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    1. Know your products(& services) well.

    2. In Industrial selling multiple level relationship is essential. the user of your products would require technical inputs, and the person with money, authority and need would require a business justification such as do your home work to convince both.

    3. Tech selling typically is a long cycle sales, so ensure that you have mapped your competition well, and monitor their progress in each account you handle.

    4. For any sales, its a lonely process. Motivate yourself to meet every new day and every new challenge.

    5. Finally, remember you are in a great profession....there is no 9 to 5 routine..every day is new and every day you have new challenges! Enjoy the ride!!!

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